Compassion (hs) | Compassion Radionics Reagent 


The harmonic suite of Compassion. Perhaps one of the most important frequencies yet.

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The harmonic suite of compassion may be one of the best reagents so far. The Compassion Radionics Reagent is very beneficial. Early reports are that it becomes a very quiet yet powerful renovator of one’s environment. It has a profound calmness, but very resolute and grounded.  Compassion (hs) has a very purposeful and grounded feminine energy that puts things in its place and fills in the holes.  

Compassion Radionics Reagent 
I often speak about looking at emotions not as some touchy-feely expression, but as a harmonic frequency. When we do that, we can discard all the cultural flotsam and jetsam and see them for what they really are. Compassion is not different. Disregard how you think it feels and try to examine it as a ‘thing’. In society love and compassion seems to be the lubrication that keeps society running smoothly. It is kind and accepting. So, for me when I look at Compassion, I see it as a way to smooth out the rough edges. It seems to help glue and hold things together. Compassion literally means “to suffer together”.

Beyond suffering it is also a desire to resonate with others. When things resonate they work compassion and love rock better together. Resonating builds energy. Compassion supports resonance therefore it builds energy. Those properties don’t necessarily do much on their own, but when you add Compassion to the mix, it speeds the resonance process.