2024 Spring Classic: Advanced Radionics Seminar

2024 Spring Classic: Advanced Radionics Seminar

Register for the 2024 Spring Classic: Advanced Radionics Seminar! Join Marty Lucas in Atlanta, Georgia, for the 9th Annual KRT Radionics Spring Classic with Kelly Research Technologies!


Date & Time Mon, Mar 11, 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM EDT
Location: Holiday Inn Atlanta Airport North 1380 Virginia Avenue Atlanta, GA 30344


New in 2024, build your own program of in-depth instruction by choosing two long-form seminars. Each seminar will last half the day and has been crafted to deliver information and techniques that will equip the participant to be successful with their radionic instrument.


Ed Kelly – Potentizing and Imprinting: Many beginners focus on using their instruments to analyze and broadcast, but one of the most powerful radionic techniques is to make a “recording” of the outgoing broadcast, charging inert objects and substances with the same energies that raise General Vitality or otherwise add resonance to daily life. Participants will learn how to use the KRT Accessory Potentizer and Replicator to use and test imprinted items in this hands-on seminar.

Marty Lucas – Advanced Topics 1: Somatids and Biophotons Embryonic cell Cluster Information Channels Fractals, Logarithms and Layers in Reagents Craft an Intention and Build a Reagent Potentize Your Reagent into Everyday Items

Dan Mangum – Music and Radionics: What if there were more ways to integrate music into radionics than simply adding it to a broadcast? What if the principles of music and music theory could show us how to improve our radionic work? Join us as we examine these possibilities and put them to the test in this fun, hands-on, interactive session that will serve as a springboard to move your radionic research to a more advanced level.

Dr. Michelle Peal – The Body Systems Approach to Radionics: Dr. Peal will share this comprehensive approach to radionics analysis tracing, which focuses on restoring the electrical power needed for proper function. Participants will learn and use the Body Systems worksheet, cold scanning, energetic antidotes, and Divinely Downloaded Reagents to analyze and impact General Vitality and the rest of the energetic body.


Ed Kelly – Potentizing and Imprinting: Ed will repeat the morning seminar (see above).

Marty Lucas – Advanced Topics 2: Shape Matters: Using Sacred Geometry for Balancing Elementary Particles in Manifestation and Energetic Health Comparative Analysis: The Reason for the Extra Rate Banks Balance at the Inception Point Dealing with the Spiritual Realm Explanation and Demo of Selected Reagents and Reagent Packages Dan Mangum – Music and Radionics: Dan will repeat the morning seminar (see above).

Dr. Michelle Peal – Subtle Energy Body Systems and Radionics: Dr. Peal will explain her real-world approach to balancing Subtle Energy Body Systems through use of radionic reagents and the Energy Systems Worksheet that she has developed for her practice. Each student will complete a Subtle Energy Body Systems Worksheet, experience a radionic broadcast of Divinely Download Reagents, and then chart the energetic changes. The Energy Systems approach is not hard to learn or apply, and really shines a light on the real root causes. There will also be time for questions and answers. 


Coffee and tea will be served in the meeting area. Participants are responsible for snacks and meals. A restaurant is located in the hotel, with many more nearby.


Workshop and bonus events will take place at the Holiday Inn Atlanta Airport North, located at 1380 Virginia Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia, 30344. A special room rate of $99.00 for a standard room or $139.00 for a one-bedroom suite has been secured for this event. Reserve your room online by clicking here. A discounted $5 daily parking fee will be charged to anyone requiring parking. A free shuttle is available to and from the Atlanta Airport by calling the front desk at 404-305-9990.

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