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What clients are saying about Every Advantage

Marty has a proven track record of success helping clients resolve real-world problems using subtle energy techniques and technology. He also has the ability to share this knowledge with workshop partici-pants, whether they are brand-new beginners or fellow researchers who have decades of experience — with a natural teaching style that’s effective, illuminating, and fun

Ed Kelly, President / SE practitioner

Kelly Research Technologies, Inc.

Marty Lucas is one of the best teachers I know. His ability to connect with all his students ensures everyone gets all they can out of his classes, whether a beginner or advanced energy worker. The energy and radionics work Marty does rates with the best in the industry!

Scott Ertl, SE practitioner

Organic dairy farmer, Inventor

Best teacher I’ve ever had. He is brilliant in his field. His classes move at a comfortable rate of speed for all, from advanced to the beginners and I admire his patience. Marty is always well organized and has a sense of humor throughout his presentations that make his classes fun and informative.

Kathryn Nadeau, SE practitioner

Farmer and Small Business Owner