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The Power of Subtle Energy Technology

Science and technology have come a long way since the things we were taught in school. While people have been using subtle energy (SE) technology for thousands of years, it has only been in the last few decades that quantum physicists have started to understand what it is and how it works. Even though these technologies are not publicly acknowledged, SE technology is being used in agriculture, manufacturing and even medicine. SE is often able to solve problems that have been heretofore seen as unsolvable.

Who Uses SE Technology

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla, the father of scalar energy (subtle energy), discovered alternating current electricity. He was decades ahead of his time in other scientific areas too, including subtle energy technology.

Albert Abrams

Dr. Albert Abrams was the first inventor of subtle energy instruments in America and a lauded medical professor at Stanford University. He was advanced in his diagnosis and treatment of disease with subtle energy technology.

Marcel Vogel

Doctor Vogel studied subtle energy technology and liquid crystal systems. He realized that crystals store thought (information), the crystal based computer chips store information.

What Is Subtle Energy (SE) Technology?

In the last 50 years, cutting-edge science has delivered new technologies that the mainstream community has yet to grasp. The foundation of these new technologies is based on the quantum field effects predicted by Einstein; which also include subatomic particles, scalar waves, and quantum physics. These effects are not only real, but the technology has been simplified so you can use it to improve your personal day-to-day living and business growth now.

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Discover Your Power

There is already a mountain of evidence and positive results over the last 80+ years demonstrating the effectiveness of subtle energy technology for the conventional and organic farmer, veterinarian, nutritionist, chiropractor, massage therapist, alternative medicine and new age practitioners, other diverse professionals, and the layperson. Even so, we have barely scratched the surface of the possible applications of subtle energy technology.
Every step of the way there’s a radionic instrument and subtle energy instrument or tool available. These will allow you to make discoveries you’ve never considered before! So with that thought in mind, proceed onward to view the extensive array of subtle energy products through the links provided below.
Once you get serious about subtle energy work and invest time in learning how nature’s ultimate gift to science can enhance your life and those around you, you’ll agree your investment in subtle energy tools can give you the greatest value of anything you’ve ever purchased in your life!
The key is to practice daily, even if it’s for only 15 minutes, and by doing so and experiencing the positive results you achieve you’ll want to practice even more.


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