Introduction to Radionics Class | Radionics for Energy Workers


Quantum science explains how ‘action at a distance works’.  Radionics takes theory and turns it into practice.

Introduction to Radionics – May 20-21, 2023
  • Learn to analyze and balance, as well as the basic theory of the radionic instrument. This course is designed for the brand-new beginner and anyone seeking a refresher on the basics. Topics will include:

    • History and Theory of Radionics
    • Collection of Samples and Witnesses
    • Basic A+B Analyzing and Testing
    • Use of reagents: Physical & Electronic
    • Cold Scanning: What you need NOW!
    • Intro to Radionic Worksheets

A Kelly Research radionic instrument (or similar design) is required for this class.  They can be ordered directly from  A limited number of instruments are available for rent for $50 for the class.  (contact Marty to reserve one)

The class is at Sure Stay Hotel, 200 6th Street, Coralville, Iowa 52241 (319) 337-9797  (a block of rooms has been set aside for our class)