I am Source Reagent


A powerful Manifester. 5 Aces Students Only.

 We are each creators of our lives.  Of course we have help from others, but in the final analysis, we create and are responsible for what we create.  Society and religion both seek to disempower us by trying to convince us to give away our power.  All of us have done this to some extent, but as we awaken, we take it back.

“I am Source” is about taking back your power to create and actively applying your thought and willpower in conscious manifestation.

Everything is connected in our holographic reality.  That means we are as connected to each other as we are to Creator.   So it follows that if we are connected to Creator, we have and can use the powers of Creation.

Your thoughts become reality. “I am Source” speeds that process. So when you handle the reagent do it consciously!  Be aware of what you are thinking.  Do not work with the reagent when you are distracted or when your mind is wondering.  “I am Source” makes no judgment as to what you manifest.

I use it when I am working toward specific goals.  I broadcast it to shorten balance times.  In short, I use it when I am consciously creating.

Now here is the rest of the story…..  The more you use “I am Source” the more that energy stays in your energy field.  You will notice your ‘manifestation lag time’ decreasing.  You are stepping into your role of Conscious Creator, you are returning to your natural role as Creator and that the more you create, the more you can and will create…. Consciously and Unconsciously….   Discipline is key.  You will find that your thoughts are manifesting… all of them.

Keep your thoughts on the things you WISH to manifest.  Because what you think is what you create.