Power Up!


Decreases manifestation delay. Test-tube size solid quartz tube FREE shipping in US

Suppose we do live in a massively complex ‘computer-like’ generated reality.  We already know our reality is holographic in nature, so every piece is connected to every other part.  We also know that our consciousness plays an important part in manifestation itself.

We each manifest our health and wellness and to a large degree manifest the rest of our lives as well.  We share the responsibility and the effects of what is being manifested along with all other conscious beings.  There is strong evidence that not only are all things connected but that even the smallest parts of our reality have consciousness as well.  The Huna believe that if something happens in your life, then you are at the very least partially responsible for it.

That includes all blessings as well as all of the tragedies both near and far.  For some these may be far-out concepts, but when you start to really think about them, the implications are enormous and the conclusions sobering. That is where the idea for PowerUp! comes from.

When we clearly focus and concentrate we find things manifest faster for us.  We learned in class that when we build a new rate we must take time and extreme care to craft the intent statement.  The more precise the intent, the less energy it will
take to manifest.  When your focus is clear your intent is precise.

The less precise the intent the more time and energy it takes to manifest.  Think of it in terms of a shot gun as opposed to a sniper rifle.  The shot gun can cover a wide area at short range, while even a small bullet from a sniper rifle can hit the target at long range…

This idea of focus and energy applies to our personal lives as well.  We all know people that seem to have more ‘energy’ and can seem to easily quickly manifest whatever they wish.  Do they simply have better focus?  Do they have more energy?  Both? Maybe if we look at reality like a giant computer system we can see things from a different perspective.  What if each of us and everything around us is part of that computer system?  What if each of us is represented in that computer system as a subroutine in the larger system, or even as a program?

We already understand that the person we are ‘playing’ in this lifetime is not the real ‘us’.  At times all of us have seen ourselves as the observer of our life as it unfolds.  That tells us that the ‘us’ of who we are is not the same as the computer program that seems to be playing this particular character in this life, no more than the computer gamer is the avatar in his game.

On occasion there are people who remember past lives, and remember the events.  These people know the people in those lives were not the actual ‘Soul’ itself.  The point of all of this is consciousness controls reality and consciousness controls how that reality unfolds. It unfolds through a regular set of laws and parameters and consciousness can affect how those parameters are used.  Just like a complex computer program.

But rather than go further down that rabbit-hole, let’s take another look at this computer model.  When I check the Task Manager on my desktop, I can see there are hundreds of programs running.  Sometimes, when my computer is slow I can go through the list, turn off ones that I don’t need and set the priorities for the ones that I need most. So I can set up my computer so that my word processor always gets top priority. That means no matter what else I am doing, if my word processor needs more CPU time, it gets it before anything else.

Suppose this reality is actually a type of computer program?  Suppose our work is really about changing the programming and/or adding attributes to our character?  Further suppose that our program is just one of billions of other programs all running on the same mainframe at the same time.

If there are billions and trillions of programs running at the same time, some use more CPU time than others.  The ones that have more access to CPU time will be able to do more than the ones that don’t have that access.  The people with more ‘CPU’ time manifest their dreams faster than people with less…

PowerUp! looks at reality’s ‘Task Manager’ and increases the priority of the program you wish to run.  That means, it seems to take less energy and concentration in order to accomplish the goals.  So instead of concentrating and meditating for hours with a single-minded thought, it may only take minutes.

In other classes I speak about the manifestation delay.  That is the time it takes for a thought to manifest.  It seems that some people couldn’t manifest a hot cup of coffee while others seem to have built their entire life on their dreams.  When your thoughts and dreams have a higher computer priority, they manifest faster.

One of the things the masters tell us, is that we manifest what we think about.  For most of us, we think about myriads of things all of the time.  We consider possibility after possibility and allow our minds to wander.  Some things we think about over and over again.  These things manifest for us.

Think of it in terms of your thoughts being job orders being send to the factory floor.  We send order after to order to the production line.  Every time we change our thoughts the manifestation process starts over.  So from the factory foreman viewpoint, his time tied up with constantly retooling.  There isn’t much actual production though.  As our thoughts become more disciplined and focused, our ‘manifestation factory’ suddenly has more time to manifest.  That means the things we think about, show up in our life.

Suppose our manifestation factory was bigger and more automated.  That would mean, it would take less time to ‘tool up’ for a new project.  That would mean it would take less focus and concentration to manifest.  That means we need to make sure our thoughts are disciplined.  When you have more ‘CPU’ time you must be very careful with your thoughts.

If someone is ill, they are the ones that manifested that illness, through their thoughts and deeds.  Adding PowerUp! to the mix will simply help them manifest whatever they are thinking about that much quicker.  So if they are thinking about all of the terrible issues and side-effects associated with their illness, those terrible things will manifest.  However, if their thoughts are focused on health and wellness, then those will come to pass.

That being said, when I have a specific intention and am very focused, then adding PowerUp! helps things to happen quicker. So let’s suppose you intend to balance your soil. You have the reagent Balance Soil, adding PowerUp! speeds things along.  Likewise suppose you need to balance Somatids or Somasols, then PowerUp! speeds things up. On the other hand, suppose you are feeling angry, disgusted, or hurt.  The last thing you want is to be handling or working with PowerUp!  If your mind tends to wander, or your thinking is impaired stay as far away from it as you can.

The ancient masters kept tools like these out of the hands of the masses and did not allow their followers to have them until after the neophyte had mastered their thoughts.  PowerUp! is a powerful tool. It can be a great blessing if used thoughtfully and mindfully.  But like any tool, it can be very destructive if it is not used properly.  Don’t even consider adding it to my reagent collection unless I was willing to treat it with the respect it deserves.

That gives you an idea of the thinking behind Power Up!  It has nothing really to do with power whatsoever, nor was it programmed with power in mind.  In fact, I named it Power Up! more as a way to mislead what people think it does…

It increases your current program’s CPU time.  So whatever programs you are running, they run at a higher priority.  The good things you wish to manifest happen quicker, the not so good things you think about happen quicker as well.

While ‘I am Source’ connects you with the creative principal, ‘Power Up!’ then gives you the computing power to deliver.

I only handle it when I am focused, or when I am meditating.  I don’t carry it with me and I only broadcast it for specific projects; and NOT for people in general.  I keep it in a closed container off by itself.  The test tube size has a fairly small effective area, so it is safe to keep in the lab.  Just be mindful of what it is and what project you use it for. I do not have guru-level mind mastery over my thoughts.  So I do not take chances with it.  The last thing I want is to start manifesting my every thought.  That being said, I have found that when I use PowerUp! mindfully, I get tremendous results.