Radionics Can Improve Your Crops: The Impact of Radionics on Agriculture

Radionics Can Improve Your Crops: The Impact of Radionics on Agriculture   Radionics can improve your crops. Agriculture has always been a vital industry for human civilization. It provides us with the food we need to survive, and it is also a source of livelihood for millions of people around the world. However, modern agriculture […]

Dowsing: A Time-Honored Method of Finding Water and More

Dowsing: A Time-Honored Method

Dowsing: A Time-Honored Method of Finding Water and More   Dowsing is a centuries-old practice that has been used for finding water, minerals, and other materials. It is also known as divining, water witching, and doodle-bugging. Dowsing involves using a forked stick or metal rods to locate underground sources of water or other objects.

Spirit of Love

Spirit of Love

Spirit of Love  If you have ever attended a Raymon Grace seminar you may remember him discussing the “Spirit of Love” and how it is incompatible with the “Spirit of Greed”. He goes on to teach that in order to balance water, you must first remove the “Spirit of Greed” before the “Spirit of Love” […]

Blocks to Healing

Blocks To Healing

What Are The Blocks To Healing Energy? I just got back from the Great Radionic Expo in Rapid City South Dakota and it was absolutely one of the best conferences I’ve been to in years. There was a tremendous amount of really good information and of course it’s the conversations after the conference that they […]

Does Radionics Work?

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Does Radionics Work? You’ve probably stumbled upon this article because you are curious about how radionics works. Perhaps you are a holistic health practitioner, or you are looking for tools for agriculture and horticulture. Nonetheless, radionics is a very interesting process that can be used for a variety of modalities- health, medicine, and farming. However, […]

What is Electromagnetic Therapy

 What is Electromagnetic Therapy What is Electromagnetic Therapy? Science is hard for a lot of us to understand sometimes so we took it upon ourselves to help give you an EM 101 lesson! In this blog, you will read everything from what EM is and does to the history and theory behind this beautiful science.

What Is Radionics Healing?

Radionics can be a little tough to understand at first so in this blog we will be going over everything from the origins of radionic healing to white light radionics. So, I suggest you sit back, grab a cup of tea, and enjoy the wonderful world of radionics healing.

S.P.A.M Conference 2020

S.P.A.M Conference 2020! S.P.A.M Conference 2020 is here. Join us for the fun, exciting and most educational conference of the year. Even though there will be a few changes to this year’s S.P.A.M conference, this 7th annual conference is going to be a great one. The S.P.A.M conference was built to bring together a wide […]

42nd Annual USPA Science Conference in Chicago

42nd Annual USPA Science Conference in Chicago This year marks the 42nd Annual USPA Conference in Chicago. We will be looking at the Art of Science and Radionics. Micro currents, Practical Applications, and Cosmic implications. We will be Bridging the gap between science and medicine through alternative medical methods. We will also have many speakers […]

What is an Orgone Energy Radionics Device?

What is Orgone Energy Radionics Device? Orgone Energy Radionics Device and Tools have, since the start of the millennium, become an admired energy tool in healing circles. By balancing the electromagnetic energy in the environment powerful healing effects are created. These healing affect can with the right equipment enhance your way of life in multi […]