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Blocks to Healing

What Are The Blocks To Healing Energy?

I just got back from the Great Radionic Expo in Rapid City South Dakota and it was absolutely one of the best conferences I’ve been to in years. There was a tremendous amount of really good information and of course it’s the conversations after the conference that they are really what make the conference worthwhile. For those of you that made it, I know you’ll agree with me that it was a great conference.

If you didn’t make it this year go ahead and mark your calendars for the third week in October next year and make your plans to go.

This year we started off the conference with two days of a beginner class put on by Ed Kelly of Kelly Research Tech. Next year instead of the beginner class, Ed will be teaching an intermediate class. He’ll be going over some of the more advanced techniques and procedures; from using reagents to making your own. Go ahead and mark your calendars as you will not want to miss it!

Every week I introduce and explain a ‘rate-of-the-week’ where I offer some insight into the rates that I use on a regular basis. This week’s Rate-of-the-Week is “Blocks to Healing”

It is a compilation of four rates; there is “Blocks to Healing” which is 41.75 – 56.25. It gives you an idea about what the intensity of the blockages. Causes of disease have three components; there is a physical component, an emotional component and a spiritual one. Likewise, blockages to healing have the same three flavors. The rate for the ‘Physical Block to Healing’ is 95 – 30. Additionally, the rate for the ‘Emotional Block to Healing’ is 60.5 – 97. The rate for the ‘Spiritual Block to Healing’ is 3 – 87.

I have found it much more efficient to balance the individual blocks one at a time, rather than try to take all three at once. I usually check the overall intensity of ‘Blocks to Healing’ (41.75 – 56.25). This provides me with an idea as to how blocked the healing process is. Then I check for the components to see where the major blocks are.

Then, I balance out each component and recheck the overall ‘Blocks to Healing’ rate. When the individual components are zero, the overall will be zero as well.

I found this to be very effective but there is one caveat; if the disease is part of a soul contract; meaning that it’s part of their karma (if you follow an Eastern spiritual tradition) until that soul contract is resolved, there will always be a spiritual block no matter how much you work to balance it. So just keep that in mind, blocks to healing have emotional blocks, physical blocks, and spiritual blocks.

Symptoms of Disease

That leads us to one of the next things that I run across again and again and I’ve mentioned here several times but it bears mentioning again. Just because someone has symptoms does not mean that the issue is theirs and what I am seeing much more often than ever before is that if you’ve got an issue you’re working with and this is on a plant, an animal whether four-legged or two-legged, and you’re getting no results, perhaps the issue is not really theirs in the first place.

From the outside looking in, that seems somewhat ridiculous. If someone has all the symptoms of a disease, how can it NOT be theirs? Don’t take my word for it, test it yourself. You have the ultimate lie detector in your radionics instrument or pendulum. Either use your instrument or dowse it. Simply ask if the issue is theirs. You will get either a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’.

Symptoms of Disease

If the issue is not theirs, then it is simply a matter of making sure it is safe and appropriate to go ahead and return the issue to the rightful owner. If you have any issues with that or you need assistance with or need help with this procedure; you can call me or you can ask nearly any of the regular contributors to the coaching conference call. Just ask any of us, because we run across this again and again. When we do, we know how to deal with it.

Now I would like to talk more about some of the issues that were raised at the Great Radionic Conference and some of the new opportunities we have for healing. One of the presenters was a brilliant physicist by the name of Daniel Taylor.

Not only is he brilliant, but when he was looking for his way into alternative health care and subtle energy, he spent time as an apprentice to Peter Moscow. Peter worked with cases that other practitioners, both allopathic and naturopathic, found to be hopeless. Daniel got a taste for working on hopeless cases and when somebody comes to him with something impossible that’s where he shines.

Gene Keys by Richard Rudd

Dan was researching the Gene Keys by Richard Rudd. The book has been around for several years (it’s about 450 pages). It outlines different emotional states and relates them to the genes and their genetic codon combinations.

When I first picked up the book, I knew there was a lot of good information in it but I also realized it would take a lot of hard study to fully understand it. I picked it up again several times, looked at it, and laid it right back down. I knew it would take more time and energy than I was willing to devote to ferret out its secret.

Daniel went through and studied it, and while I don’t have the permission to hand out his work, one of the things that he handed out in his class was a complete list of the radionic rates associated with the different Gene keys.

It is a massive work comprised of a multitude of three bank rates. For those of you who have done any cold scanning, you know the time that he’s got invested in the 64 three bank rates. I would encourage you to get the book, Gene Keys”, study it as much as you can this next year and at the conference next year make sure that Dan gives you his list of the radionic rates for the Gene keys. That was probably one of the most significant new pieces of information that I brought back.

Radionics Programs by Peter Raditti

Another part that was just as much fun and maybe even more of practical use were the radionic programs that were put together by Pennsylvania Pete Raditti. Pete is a brilliant and long time radionic researcher and practitioner. He is a great guy and fabulous teacher. Pete spends a lot time teaching and helping others to learn.

What he found was that most of us working in radionics are looking at individual issues and physical issues such as disease in crops or issues with animals. Some of us work in spiritual areas, others are more into emotional ones, and others are into more esoteric arenas.

Pete developed a list of programs that go a next step further. He is offering them as a set of 12-16 programs. One of his programs is ‘Bully Be Gone’. It was specifically designed for those issues where somebody has a bully is in their life and wishes to drive them away. Another program is designed to help reunite soul fragments. He also developed a line of programs to help lock and then unlock reagents.

One of the projects he’s working on this next year is to program a whole line of radionic jewelry. Everyone at the conference received one of his radionic bracelets. They are designed for psychic protection and also for emotional work and physical health. It is an absolutely brilliant innovation that I haven’t seen before and really haven’t had a chance to work with too much.

Twisted Sage Laboratory with Brian Besco

So, those were two of the big hits. The last big take away that I brought back from the conference was when I had the opportunity to go down to Buffalo Gap and spend the evening at the Twisted Sage laboratory with Brian Besco. Brian took a small group of us through the Ascension Chamber and then we went through a number of guided visualizations and prayers.

The icing on the cake of the three short days that I spent at the conference is that I have managed to come up with enough new ideas to keep me busy for the next nine months. That is why we like to get together and that’s one of the reasons why this coaching conference call is so much fun. We trade ideas back and forth and support each other and grow together.

As you well know nothing beats getting face-to-face with people you’ve been talking to or working with over the last year trading some ideas back and forth.

Advances In Radionics

It is nice to see some of the advances that people have made in the intervening months. I met a young man who’s been working now with his ranch up in Canada. He was a beginning radonics operator a year ago. He was just figuring out how to get a stick and how to do some very basic analysis.

Over the last year he spent a lot of time analyzing a soil component and checking soil amendments and fertilizers. His growth has been just absolutely phenomenal as he continues to work and build confidence. In my opinion he’s probably gained 10 years of experience in the last year just because he works at it. To see him was absolutely fantastic!