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Spirit of Love

Spirit of Love 

If you have ever attended a Raymon Grace seminar you may remember him discussing the “Spirit of Love” and how it is incompatible with the “Spirit of Greed”. He goes on to teach that in order to balance water, you must first remove the “Spirit of Greed” before the “Spirit of Love” can be added.

If you have not attended a Raymon Grace seminar, it must be added to your to-do list. He is simply that good.
Raymon teaches about a number of different “spirits”. When you review my Longevity Protocol you will see an entire list of them. I don’t see them as ghosts or entities so much as I see them as specific energy patterns.

When the beneficial “spirit” energy patterns are strong, the subject heals quickly and is generally healthy. When the non-beneficial “spirits” are strong the subject is often sick. Spirit of Love [(87.2 – 59.5)( 52.75 – 43.4)] is a primary healing energy pattern. I use it early in nearly every broadcast, simply because it clears up many issues, raises General Vitality, and makes my job easier.

Kelly Rate Book

In the Kelly rate book, you’ll see there are a lot of different rates for love. Each of those rates balances a specific aspect of love, but “Spirit of Love” seems to go to the heart of the matter (pun intended). In my view, Love is not simply an emotion that makes our heart go pitter-pat. In its most fundamental sense, Love is unblocked communication. When two energy systems are in resonance, they exchange energy and information easily.

However, when two systems are out of resonance, the conflicting patterns take energy away from each other. Resonate patterns make both stronger. Non-resonant patterns weaken. Isn’t that what Love does as well? When we love someone, doesn’t it make us stronger? The “Spirit of Love” removes non-harmonious energy patterns.

Longevity Protocol and General Vitality

I encourage you to review my Longevity Protocol and your notes from my classes. You will see the list of different “Spirits”. Each one can raise General Vitality. Don’t take my word for it. Analyze a subject and check the time to balance any single issue. Balance the “Spirit of Love” and see how the time to balance the seemingly unrelated issue goes down. Then see how the other “Spirits” in the Longevity Protocol often do the same thing.