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S.P.A.M Conference 2020

S.P.A.M Conference 2020!

S.P.A.M Conference 2020 is here. Join us for the fun, exciting and most educational conference of the year. Even though there will be a few changes to this year’s S.P.A.M conference, this 7th annual conference is going to be a great one. The S.P.A.M conference was built to bring together a wide variety of professionals with important topics relating to matters such as agriculture, human health of the world, soil and livestock. The conference is free to everyone and there will be no charge for booth space.
For booth space and meal reservations call :

Virginia 712-363-3392. But hurry we only have a certain amount of booth space left available.


The Soil, plant, animal and man conference will be taking place March 12, 13 and 14th. The conference will be held at the In wood community Center 103 S. Main street In wood, Iowa 51240


Our conference, as stated before, will have a few minor changes. Robin Hermanson requested and will be hosting the conference on Thursday, March 12 and Friday, March 13 of 2020. Nature’s best will be hosting the conference on Saturday, the 14th of 2020. Nature’s Best strives everyday to meet the needs of agricultural market change. With every best intention, Nature’s Best strives to change agriculture using the earth’s natural power. Innovating and designing manufactured products help to provide farmers with the top best equipment so they can have the cutting edge of productivity.


Sadly, for this year’s S.P.A.M conference breakfast will not be served. Dinner meals will be provided though for a Charge. If you would like to buy a dinner meal, reserve your seats with Virginia. Our Meals will be catered, so if you don’t reserve your meal seats now there might not be any meals left for you. But coffee, cookies, and other yummy snacks will be provided free of charge. Even though we are being catered we sadly will not be able to provide you with diet meals this year. Thank you for your understanding. All children are welcome as long as they are supervised by a parent.


Heartland in Rock Valley, IA (712-476-9388). Grand Stay in Rock Valley, IA (855 221 3404). Gateway in Canton, SD (605-9872692). Gate City in Canton, SD (605-214-4604). Grand Falls Casino in Larch wood, IA (712-777-7777)

We will be having all different speakers presenting multiple types of topics. Here are just a few to help provide you with the amazing excitement that lies ahead.

On Thursday, March 12, 2020, Robin Hermanson will be speaking on the Rimes biological theory of Ionization and on Friday will be speaking on the subject of “Remedies for 21 st century animals and crops”​ While later in the day on March 12th , Scot Ertl will be talking to us about what energy can do for you and your family, crops, soil, and animals. Friday, March 13, 2020 Marty will be joining us and speaking about his subject “The Preacher was right, and I can prove it”.

There will be even more incredible speakers to help educate and entertain you for the entire weekend So come join us at this unique and wonderful learning experience. The S.P.A.M conference will help you see the world in a new bright and wonderful way.