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Does Radionics Work?

Does Radionics Work?

You’ve probably stumbled upon this article because you are curious about how radionics works. Perhaps you are a holistic health practitioner, or you are looking for tools for agriculture and horticulture. Nonetheless, radionics is a very interesting process that can be used for a variety of modalities- health, medicine, and farming. However, does radionics work? You’ll also learn how it works and how you can properly apply it to your line of work.

What is Radionics?

Radionics is a form of metaphysical science that is used to detect disease and dysfunction in the body. This is done using radionic instruments. These radionic instruments detect and balance information in a blueprint of any kind of living system at a distance.

Radionic instruments apply electromagnetic radiation (EMR) such as radio waves to a living organism in order to get a diagnosis. Instruments amplify and “balance” the subtle energy field of the subject. An energetic link is established through a “radionic witness”. This can be through a photograph, piece of hair, or a DNA sample. Radionic instruments can be used to treat humans, animals, and agriculture by means of radionic instruments.

Radionics is commonly defined as “a form of healing using an instrument and the sensitivity of the practitioner to detect and rectify any imbalance in the energy fields which are associated with all forms of life.” – Roger Calverly

Radionics Instrument from Kelly Research Technologies

The History of Radionics and Dr. Albert Abrams

Dr. Albert Abrams(1864–1924) was the “father of radionics”. Abrams founded the principles of what would be considered modern-day radionics. He claimed that he could detect energy frequencies through his patient’s bodies. Healthy individuals could emit energy frequencies through their bodies.

Humans with disorders and diseases exhibited other, unhealthy frequencies. Dr. Abrams believed that he could cure patients by balancing their frequencies. He also believed that he could tell someone’s religions by analyzing their blood. Through his work, Dr. Abrams ended up developing thirteen devices and even became a millionaire by leasing his devices.

How Does Radionics Work

To put it simply, radionics is an energy-balancing technique that relies on intuitive abilities to discover imbalances. Researchers in energy medicine have been investigating the “how” of radionics works for many years. Many of these researchers have included the work of T. Galen Hieronymus, George de la Warr, and Dr. Bruce Copen. T. Galen Hieronymus was the creator of the Hieronymus Machine.
We do know that your thoughts and feelings have the power to change the circumstances around your body. Radionics is based on a set of principles:

• All living things are connected
• Each living organism on this planet has a unique energy field/unique blueprint. This is also known as an Intrinsic Data Field (IDF).
• Certain aspects of the unique IDF can be changed.

With radionic therapy, the practitioner does not require the presence of the patient. The patient doesn’t have to be present at all, from the diagnosis to the treatment. There are a variety of radionic instruments that can analyze a piece of the organism such as blood or hair.

Pendulums can also be used in conjunction with a radionics instrument. The radionics practitioner is then able to properly analyze the patient’s energy pattern. Through this analysis, they are able to see all the systems and structures of the body. This can help in understanding the underlying cause of a disease, disorder, or condition.

Radionics was founded on the belief that an individual has a unique energy pattern. If the pattern displays a state of “harmony” the organism is in good health. However, if there are distortions in the pattern, this could mean something unhealthy in the organism. It could mean the presence of bacteria, viruses, injuries, and shocks.

The presentation was given by independent researcher Carl G. Medwedeff at the 30th annual SSE Conference in 2011. Video courtesy of the Society for Scientific Exploration.

Radionics in Agriculture and Organic Farming

Radionics instruments can be beneficial in the areas of agriculture and farming. Over the years, soils end up losing their balanced structure. Little known fact, radionic treatment was used in the 1940s to balance soil and plants. It has the power to detect disorders in fauna, flora, and microorganisms. Treatment using radionics restores and rebalances crops and soil. It can also treat pests and diseases in individual plants, farms, and gardens.

Many clients of Every Advantage use Balance Soil. Balance Soil is a radionic reagent that stimulates soil to live to balance deficiencies. It is designed to stimulate existing soil biology to release and transmute minerals that are already in the soil. Every Advantage also provides Row Crop Consulting and Emergency Work for farmers.

Radionics for Holistic Healing

The power of radionics is amazing and can be used for both humans and animals. Because of this, it an effective healing method for holistic healers. Radionic Healing involves finding the root of disorder in living organisms. Radionic healing isn’t focused on the healing of the physical body. Rather, it is aimed at the energy field. Homeopathy and radionics are also intertwined. Many radionic instruments and radionic instruments can be used in combination with homeopathic tools for better results.

At Every Advantage, we offer many radionic reagents that can be used in conjunction with radionic healing. Disease from Within The Somatid Story is a reagent that focuses on the disease that is developed in the cells. We also offer specific reagents for Energy work as well as pendulums and pendants.

Related Fields of Radionics

There are also individuals who even have the parapsychological ability to detect radiation in the human body. This is known as radiesthesia. According to the principles of radiesthesia all humans give off unique or characteristic “radiations”. These might also be known as “auras”.

How Every Advantage Can Help

Radionic treatment may enhance the healing process for almost any illness, injury, or psychological disorder. Let us help you be the best and feel the best that you possibly can. The use of reagents can help you to balance your system and reactivate under-performing DNA. Be proactive. Balance yourself and your loved ones today. For any questions, you can contact us through email or call at (641) 622-1025.