Balance Soil


Stimulates soil life to balance deficincies and excesses

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Life in the soil is what creates fertility.  Certainly that life uses the minerals in the soil to grow and reproduce, but it is the life that makes those minerals bio-available.  Modern agriculture uses chemical and mechanical interventions to supplant the natural processes in soils.  This ‘rescue chemistry’ has been proven to be a short term fix, with many long term adverse effect.

Balance Soil is designed to stimulate the existing soil biology to release and transmute minerals already in the soil.  It is this biology that increases the fertility.  This is NOT a miracle in tube!  If the biology is severely impacted, it may take longer for it to recover.  If there are repeated applications of toxins chemicals or a build-up of toxins in the soil, again it will take longer for the soil to repair itself.  That being said, ultimate soil fertility can only come from the soil itself.  This reagent is designed to support that process.