What Is Radionics Healing?

Radionics can be a little tough to understand at first so in this blog we will be going over everything from the origins of radionic healing to white light radionics. So, I suggest you sit back, grab a cup of tea, and enjoy the wonderful world of radionics healing.

The first step to master anything is to learn about it first. Radionics is the metaphysical science of local and distant manifestation using instruments and patterns to shield, protect, and amplify, and store.  This also elevates subtle frequencies of the animate and inanimate form.

Radionics is an energy balancing technique. It works when our natural intuitive faculties are used to discover imbalances. These facilities also encourage the return of a normal energetic field. It is independent of the distance between practitioners and subjects.

Can Radionics Healing Be for Everyone?

Yes! Radionics can be used for everyone from humans to animals. Radionics can also be used in agriculture with radionic instruments. These instruments are meant to amplify and ‘balance’ the subtle energy field of the subject. The energetic link is made via a ‘radionic witness’.  Which this can be a photograph, piece of hair, or any other biological sample.

One of the great advantages of Radionic therapy is that the practitioner does not require the presence of the patient. However, the patient does not need to physically be in the room with the practitioner, either for analysis or treatment.

Radionic Healing Treatment

With the aid of a pendulum, a variety of radionic instruments, and a small amount of the patient’s hair, the practitioner will then carry out a thorough analysis of the patient’s energy pattern. The hair acts as an energetic link between the patient and the practitioner and works on the holographic principle that the organic material of the hair reflects the entire organism from which it comes. The practitioner is looking at all the systems and structures of the body to see how well they are functioning. The aim is to establish the underlying cause or causes of the patient’s condition.

An individual program of treatments is then designed to eliminate any distortion found in the energy patterns and these treatments – or healing energy patterns. This can then be projected directly to the patient. It acts as a set of coded instructions that kick-start the body’s own healing mechanisms.

Radionics Practitioners

Although it is difficult to comprehend, the distance between the practitioner and the patient is irrelevant. However, think of the radionic instrument as a transmitter and the patient as a TV set. If the signal is correct, you will get a good picture no matter how far apart the two are.

The nature of the energetic processes in radionics is not yet fully understood. However, there is now ample evidence that we are all linked in some way at a higher level of mind. This level is possibly engaged during radionics practice.  Radionic healing is not so much directed at the physical reality of the body. Rather, it is at the invisible energy matrices.

Basic to radionic practice is disciplined dowsing or radiesthesia skill. Experience has shown that in trained hands radionic treatment can be helpful in a wide range of conditions.  It does not replace nor interfere with conventional medical care but supplements it. It may be of value in situations where conventional medicine has little to offer.  Radionics can be used to treat people, animals, plants, and soil. It doesn’t deplete material resources.

A trained and competent practitioner can discover factors contributing to the disease within any living system, be it a human being, an animal, a plant, or the soil itself.  Suitable therapeutic energies can then be made available to help restore optimum health.

History Lesson: Dr. Albert Abrams

Dr. Albert Abrams invented the Oscilloclast, which was the first radionic instrument (not counting the one invented by the Babylonians). Dr. Abrams also discovered that a single drop of blood from a patient would reveal as much information about the patient as if the patient was present in Dr. Abram’s clinic, even though the patient could be in another city or another country and many times was.

Dr. Abram’s practice on radionics grew large. People everywhere wanted a diagnosis, however some of them were too sick to travel. So, Dr. Albert Abrams solution involved experimenting with blood specimens. He found out that blood can carry all radiations of the entire body. This can be used as a substitute for patients who can’t physically be there.

Locating Problems In Radionics

When the measurement of a bio-frequency is outside of the optimum range it is possible to determine what is causing the problem. This is achieved by testing the effects of various toxic frequencies against it. If problematic, these will weaken the bioenergy, significantly lowering the measurement. When these toxic frequencies have discharged the bioenergy and its frequency strength may return to normal.

Bio-frequencies may also be supported and enhanced, where necessary.

By improving the underlying bio-energetic field an organism may begin to rebalance itself and begin a process of self-healing.

Principles Of White Light Radionics

  • Everything is in motion.
  • All matter vibrates or oscillates.
  • Oscillations produce molecular frequencies and resonances.
  • Living tissues produce bio-frequencies and bio-resonances.
  • These frequencies organize matter into energetic fields.
  • Molecular and bio-frequencies can both be tuned in a similar way to radio frequencies.
  • In White Light Radionics, these frequencies can be numerically coded as rates.
  • By using radionic rates as filters to isolate specific frequencies, bioenergy may be measured.
  • Unhealthy frequencies may be discharges.
  • Healthy frequencies may be supported and enhanced.

The purpose of White Light Radionics is to encourage the innate self-healing.

How Every Advantage Can Help

Radionic treatment may enhance the healing process for almost any illness, injury, or psychological disorder. Let us help you be the best and feel the best that you possibly can. The use of reagents can help you to balance your system and reactivate under-performing DNA. Be proactive. Balance yourself and your loved ones today.  For any questions, you can contact us through email  or call at (641) 622-1025

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