Mirror of Life (report from a happy customer)

Thank you Marty for creating the Mirror of Life reagent. I’ve been using this reagent since October 2022. It has been life changing for me! As an empath, I naturally take on other people’s energy and this reagent transmutes that energy (no matter what form it’s in) into love. It feels amazing! I recently misplaced this reagent for about a week and was reminded of how powerful it is. I was about to lose my mind because once you’ve felt the effects of this powerful reagent you don’t want to ever go back to life without it. Lol. Luckily I found it again this morning. I wear it daily and just purchased a backup. ❤️
I wear Mirror of Life and Caretaker the most. Caretaker calls to me often as there is a sequence in the reagent that activates others with the gene. I am able to wear it and let the reagent take care of whatever and whoever needs it. And yes my day also goes smoother as well. 🙂✨
Thank you Marty for sharing your gifts with us!

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