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Ho’Oponopono (hs), the ultimate balancing prayer of love and forgiveness.

Ho’Oponopono is an ancient Huna prayer of Love and Forgiveness i.e. “I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” The prayer increases the flow of energy by dissolving blockages and increasing communication. Love in the most basic sense is communication. Communication increases energy flow and healing quickens as energy flow increases. The Ho’Oponopono Pendant is used with this.

The combination of several octaves of Ho’Oponopono frequencies, changes the energy field and increases communication across the board.  The wonder and power we found in the original prayer and the original reagent are multiplied many times when we combine these other octaves.  Energy blockages melt away like never before. Empathy and intuition increase. Negative emotional baggage slips away. The original Ho’Oponopono reagent increases communication and energy flow, this latest version, even more so.

Ho’Oponopono Pendant

As one energy worker told me, “It feels more complete.”  That is because of the incredible multi-layered balance.  This multi-octave balance clears issues and blockages throughout the energy bodies.  Since everything physical originates in the energy fields; filling the energy bodies with love, gratitude, and forgiveness CHANGES how you feel and how you think.

As I told one of my students, “You can hold the Ho’Oponopono, or you can hold a grudge, but you cannot hold both.”  This reagent helps you clear issues that have been forgotten but still festering, without you giving them a second thought.  You just start feeling lighter and lighter and all of those dark memories simply blow away in the wind.

Increase your efficiency and productivity by simply wearing it.  When you wear it, you may notice changes in the people around you.  Just holding it in your hand starts to dissolve energetic blockages so healing can begin. You can also simply place it in an area to effectively broadcast the power throughout the room.

This pendant may be the perfect gift for the person that needs more love, gratitude and forgiveness.

Do not copy. Your Ho’Oponopono pendant should remain 100% effective indefinitely. If it fails to perform as expected within the first year, simply return it for a replacement.

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