Somasol II


A breakthrough in health and longevity.

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Somasols do for the organism what Somatids do for the cell.  That means Somasols tell an organism when to repair, when to reproduce and when to self-destruct. The root cause of aging is errors in cellular replication and the failure of the new cells to properly differentiate in the healing process.   That is what happens when we see scars. The tissue healed, but it healed imperfectly.  Over time, these errors accumulate into what we call aging.  As we age these errors interfere with proper function until at some point the system fails.

Higher forms of life have robust error detection and correction features.   If these features worked perfectly we would not age.  These error detection and correction features are found in the so-called junk DNA. Part of the reason these systems slow down and start to fail is simply because it is Nature’s way of recycling the old to make way for the new.  So when certain criteria are met, the Somasols move from repair functions into recycle functions.

Those criteria can be brought on by stress, nutritional issues, toxin issues or any number of other factors.  But the bottom line is quite simple.  Aging is a controlled process. It is neither random nor haphazard.  When the Error Detection and Correction portions of your DNA are working as they should, you do not age.

Somasols are also in charge of reproduction.  So at some point the organism moves from repair to reproduction.  The precocious puberty we see in society today has been blamed on hormonal imbalances in our young people.  These out of balance hormones are simply toxins that trigger the Somasols to move into reproduction.  From Nature’s viewpoint, these young people are not healthy enough to keep around too long, so she needs to do what is necessary to preserve the species.  When you see the areas with the highest rates of precocious puberty, they are the same areas with the poorest nutrition and the most toxins….

So how do we use this reagent and what can we expect?

Somasols does not work on symptoms.  In fact, when you check General Vitality it may not move it one way or the other very much. That is because it is NOT working on day to day cellular function.  What it is doing is stimulating the Error Detection and Correction features of the genome so that the body can completely and correctly heal. 

That means when the Somasols are first balanced, we may see a slight to moderate increase in how fast something heals.  We may also see a slight to moderate decrease in libido.  Over the course of months, healing continues to get faster.  Then we start to see old injuries begin to heal themselves and scars become less noticeable. These changes are subtle. Most of these changes are internal as well. So you will not see the changes directly, but you can measure them.  Over time, you will see an increase in GV, as well as an increase in organ and system function.

To get the Somasols balanced and keep them balanced requires daily work.  In my laboratory, I balance the Somasols of a subject so many minutes per hour; 24 hours per day and 7 days per week based upon their needs.  The Somasols are a major part of my Longevity Program and it because of the constant need to balance and monitor that I charge the monthly fees I do for this program.  Simply balancing Somasols once in a while will NOT give you maximum long term benefits.  Certainly it will help, and certainly anytime we can recharge our systems we are benefiting, but once in a while is not enough.

With daily balancing, not only do you see overall healing increase, but you also see improved system function as well.  That goes across the board, whether it is in the hip joints of an elderly dog or the internal functions in a younger animal.

After 90 days, measured Life Expectancy begins to increase dramatically.  The Embryonic Cell Cluster’s function improves and the Power Factor climbs steadily maxing out in 6 months or less depending upon the age of the subject. These effects can last anywhere from 6 months to a year.

The ability of the body to heal is optimized.  So after 6 months, it is like you have the healing capability of a child.  Even after the Somasols are allowed to return to pre-balance levels the effects of the repaired healing system continues.

I continuously balance the Somasols of my family and loved ones, only occasionally taking a break to balance other important functions.  I balance the Somasols of my pets, so they can continue to live happy and healthy lives and live well past the standard longevity of the breed.

I balance the old shade tree in the front yard as well as the yard itself.  I want both to be healthy and youthful. I don’t want either to waste energy on seed production…

I DO NOT use Somasols on my crops. I want them to move into reproduction mode.  Likewise, I DO NOT balance Somasols on breeding animals.  The effect on libido has not been directly observed in animals but has been predicted based upon the Somasols mode of action.  Young and healthy female dogs have been known to go an entire year and more without a heat cycle when their Somasols are balanced.

Depending upon your instrument package, if you do not have a large well and an electronic picture frame, then you may wish to simply put as many of your witnesses together as you can and put your instrument on a timer.

Even if all you can do is balance your Somasols during the night because you are using your instrument during the day that is better than nothing.  At that rate, you will still see improvement; however, it will take longer to achieve optimal results.

One of the things F. Golden taught is to dedicate one instrument to myself and my family.  I do that.  Based upon what I have seen with animals when I use Somasols and what I read from my instrument, there is no doubt that this reagent ALONE can be responsible for adding years of healthy life.

What is the value of even one additional year of healthy life for you or a loved one or even of a special pet?  Suppose you have an older dog with hip issues.  The vet will charge upwards of $2000 for surgery, care and medications.  What if you could avoid that simply by adding another instrument and dedicating it to broadcasting the Somasols?  How much is that worth?  We have all lost loved ones to aging.  Many of us are noticing signs of physical decline in ourselves.  I cannot and will not guarantee that Somasols are the Fountain of Youth, but if the changes in Life Expectancy are even 10% true, then it is more than worth it to dedicate an instrument to each of your loved ones.  The cool thing is you don’t need to.  Even the Personal Unit and large well can easily handle 3 or 4.  Add the Perfect Spiral Antenna or a Cory Coil or two and you can more than double your capacity.

In the meantime, if you do not have the capacity to run Somasols on your family, you may want to consider enrolling in my Longevity Program.  For $250/month per individual and $500 for family of 4. you get Somasols balanced as well as the other frequencies that are critical for long healthy life.