Grace and Ease Radionics Raegent | Radionics Instruments | Every Advantage


A pair of powerful tools to help deal with stresses and support deep healing and wellness.


Among other things Grace is defined as; 1) a virtue coming from God, 2) a sense of propriety or right 3) a charming or attractive trait or characteristic. This is grace and ease radionic raegent offers you just that. 

The “Grace” reagent helps inner beauty to manifest

“Ease” works to allow unrestricted flow.  We don’t get hung up on the details. Taken together “Grace and Ease” help us to accept that all will be right and what will be will be.  It takes tension out of situations as well. These harmonies provide a long-term perspective without emotional turmoil.  So you can respond instead of react.  You see that your emotional reaction won’t accomplish your goals.  That gives you time to form a measured and beneficial response.


One user of “Grace and Ease” was spending the day with dear loved ones.  Their deep disagreements promised to make the day trial and torture for all.  Then after some heated arguments that left ‘our hero’ in tears, she used “Grace and Ease” with her meditation and was able to more easily center herself and even enjoy the rest of her day with her relatives.

Another user of “Ease” is a very particular chef that serves some of the best grass-fed beef in the Northeast.  Recently a diner sent their steak back multiple times until it was well done (ruined) even though her original order was ‘medium rare’.  Instead of exploding the chef took it all in stride… (while this sounds relatively minor, knowing this chef as I do, this is MAJOR!)

A third user applied an oil infused with “Grace” and another with “Ease” on an old facial injury.  Her spoken intent was to heal the injury.  She reported some considerable discomfort and audible ‘pop’ but over a few days of repeating the application, she noticed healing and relief.

She also reported that when a near life-long friendship ended she was able to accept it for what it is and allow it pass without anger, resentment or grief.

So what do these reports mean?  As far as I can tell, “Grace and Ease” seem to work best when used together and they do exactly what you would expect of when you have more Grace and Ease in your life.