Cleanse (20-20)


Imagine a cleansing spring shower that goes to the very depths of your Soul.

Scriptures refer to being ‘Washed in the blood’. This is a description of deep spiritual cleansing, like a warm spring shower for the Soul. 

That was the inspiration for Cleanse (20-20).

I sought to build a deep cleansing frequency pattern that would go beyond what we normally see. I sought to find the same deep cleansing that people find after years of meditation and self-introspection.

Whether I achieve everything I sought, remains to be seen, but Cleanse (20-20) is profound. Cleanse (20-20) is very gentle, warm, and soothing. The (20-20) refers to its’ the many layers. Eastern traditions teach there are 20 logarithmic layers of Creation. We exist on each of those levels, but are barely aware of anything past our physical existence.

Cleanse (20-20) works for you even on things you are not aware. It is NOT designed as a physical detox. It is NOT designed to eliminate toxic chemicals. Cleanse (20-20) supports deep spiritual work.

As a simple test, measure your own Level of Consciousness (LOC) then simply hold Cleanse (20-20) or broadcast it. Make that same measurement again. Level of Consciousness is a logarithmic scale. So even minor fluctuations mean major changes. As your LOC changes your entire world changes.