Ra’s Chamber


Down the rabbit hole a little further….


Unless you are ready to go ‘down the rabbit-hole’ this is one you may wish to pass on.

In our work we understand that thoughts are real.  We understand that everything is a combination of energy and information and when we have enough energy, we can change that information.  We also understand that our sub-conscious mind is completely literal.

Whatever thought or feeling we have, it is completely real to the sub-conscious.  So our thoughts, comments and even jokes about ourselves are real to our subconscious and effect our health and wellbeing.

In some of our work we use the energies of the stored thoughtforms from our ancestors and from other cultures.  We use the energy of the ancient gods and goddesses as reagents.  We use pictures because they encode the energies we need.  It doesn’t make any difference if we feel the energy pattern is real or a fantasy.  If the pattern is stable, it has energy, and we can use that energy.

Those thoughts took me to the massive amount of energy that is stored in popular media.  The super-heroes in the movies all have energy signatures we can use, just as we use the energy signatures from ancient religions.

In the Stargate movie, there is a healing device.  The god, Ra, used it to regenerate his body and the bodies of his human subjects.  The story has our hero being healed by the device and then he used to heal his girlfriend.  Good story.  Great fantasy and science fiction.

But here is the thing.  Millions of people watched that movie.  Millions had the capabilities of that healing device encoded into their subconscious.  The subconscious didn’t understand that it was fantasy and fiction.

That means the energy signature of Ra’s Chamber already exists.  Its healing and rejuvenation properties are already defined.  All I needed to do, was to tune into that energy pattern and copy it into the physical.

In this case, I do not have the massive sarcophagus with the engraved golden lid.  So I didn’t capture the entire pattern.  But I did capture enough of it to broadcast.  I did capture enough of it to produce a profound, healing, energy pattern.

Laugh if you like.  Dismiss it as crazy ramblings.  But when you use it, you will know whether I am crazy of not.