We each try to do the best we can every day. Some days are more successful than others, but when we measure out progress over weeks months and years, we can see how far we have come. So it becomes interesting to see how people are successful in this work and why. When you look at any of the most successful radionic pioneers and workers, you discover it is not they are not always the most proficient, although they are good. They are not the most experienced, the smartest or even the best looking. Although there are exceptions there are well. The difference between the a good radionic practitioner and an excellent one is not even in the quality of their instruments. It is simpler than that. Good radionic workers ask the best questions. But the very best ones ask the most. Time and again we have spoken about questions. IF you ask the wrong question, you always get the wrong answer and if you don’t ask, then you get none. What happens all the time, is when we reach a roadblock, it between our ears. We run out of ideas and run out of questions. When we run out of questions we are really stuck. That is why reading and studying are so important. The added information helps us ask more questions. When you look at who is making consistent progress in this business, it is always the people that study. They make a point of looking for learning opportunities. They don’t know it all, they don’t claim to know it all. But what they read and study and learn. Outsiders often call them experts, but the best rarely call themselves expert. They rarely call themselves masters. Not because they aren’t masters when compared to the average, but because in their minds, they know they have not mastered the subject. We are just learning. Learning helps us ask more questions. More questions lead to better questions. Better questions lead to answers and solutions. So in this short presentation, I have only one recommendation. That is ask more questions. Ask the hard questions, the forbidden questions and the ridiculous ones too. At a recent class, I asked the students to dowse what % of their energy and nutrition they receive directly from the ether. Any answer other than zero should lead you to more questions. I asked them to see what historical and semi-historical events of the past are affecting their energy fields. If the fall of Atlantis is affecting your energy field, you should have more questions. Before I start a project, I ask if the issue with the client is theirs. If they have been diagnosed with a disease and your dowsing indicates it isn’t theirs you should have more questions. Of course, you can get a little deeper and ask if evil is necessary. You can ask how many tasks are yet to be completed in your soul mission. You can ask where you Soul Crystal is. The Iist goes on and on. My point is simple, ask. Ask. Ask.