Making the Most of a Witness

For a long time there was a certain amount of mystery concerning the witness. How could a DNA sample, or even a picture or signature be somehow connected to the subject? What is a radionic witness? That mystery has pretty much evaporated with the acceptance of the new physics concerning quantum entanglement.

What is A Radionic Witness?

In a nutshell, once an electron pair have connected, they remain connected across time and space. We don’t know how long the connection lasts, but from our work in radionics it seems to last as long as our subjects anyway. But we have all run across times, when our witness either didn’t work, quit working or just didn’t work very well.

Science tells us, they should always work, practice tells us, not so much. SO that leads us to seeing what we can do to maximize the effectiveness of out witnesses. Since most of us use pictures, let’s concentrate on them tonight. A picture captures the image of the subject. The higher the quality the picture, the more information is captured and the better the connection. While we think of the picture of our subject as just the subject. But that is not case.

Everything in the picture is included, including the subject. Take a look at the background. What else is in the picture? Is there sky in the picture? Imagine trying to balance the sky? Imagine trying to balance everyone in the picture. For me, I prefer a close up of the face, no glasses, eyes open.. The more extra ‘stuff’ in the picture, the more your intent is involved screening it out. The next thing to remember is that every picture is a connection to the subject.

What is A Radionics Broadcast

When you broadcast, you are broadcasting to each copy, including the digital ones. That is why satellite pictures are often poor witnesses. Just imagine how many copies of that satellite picture there are. Each on takes a little bit of the energy of your broadcast. Even the digital picture on your phone has multiple copies….. That is why I prefer to make sure there are as few copies as possible. But there are other ways to improve the connection. When I label the picture, I prefer to include name and birthdate as a minimum. That adds to the connection as well.

Placement Of The Witness

Finally, placement of the witness in the well can also help make it work better. Usually, the picture towards the coils. Then rotate it in the well until you get a stick for best performance. It may only change the effectiveness by a few percentages, but when you are broadcasting to a large farm, those percentages may be the difference between success and failure. If you are still not satisfied, then carefully craft and write your intent and include it in the well.

Then of course, we can also run the rate to Optimize Witness 43-50.5. I haven’t touched on witness hygiene, but suffice it to say, your fingerprints on the witness effect the broadcast. Hair, dust and bugs in the well, effect the broadcast.

Artificial Light

Artificial light, does so as well. As does the background noise, music etc. So keep things clean, quiet and cover the well. Just as artificial light will effect the broadcast, so does colored light. One of the advantages of the Kelly Chromatic well is it has built in colored light, so I can add color to all of my broadcasts without any extra trouble or equipment. Color will almost always improve the quality of your work and cut broadcast times. Since I don’t have enough Chromatic wells, I also have the colored LED lights that you can get from Kelly.

Next, I have a tensor ring around every input well. I get these from Twisted Sage. The rings harmonize the energy field around the well and helps connects the witness to the toroidal energy field of the ring. In the bottom of every well is a Betar coil. This seems to pump up the energy flow through the witness, thereby strengthening the input signal. I try to use as little of my personal life force as I can in my broadcasts.

Power of Intent and Focus

Of course, I can simply use the power of intent and focus and do most of my work, but why use my life force, when I can use my instrument? In the symbolic and virtual instruments or the paper instruments if you prefer, the diagram is just a focusing point for your life force. Yes, the paper instruments work. But it is your life force that is making it happen. Any time we analyze or broadcast, we are connecting with the subject (and all of their issues). I have no desire to have any connection with your issues. I have no desire to be connected with your demons, your attachments, or any of your emotional flotsam. Further, since that connection is two-way, I absolutely have no inclination to deal with the return wave from you.

A real instrument not only provides the connection and power but also insulates the operator from the subject. A properly grounded instrument then dissipates the phase conjugate wave. Having done this work for a couple of decades, I have learned that dealing with my own issues is enough for me. I don’t want to have to deal with someone else’s. That is why I use a real instrument with as good a witness as I can find. I check to make sure that my broadcasts do not affect me unless my witness is in the well.

The other thing you may have noticed about my work, everything I broadcast is positive. I don’t broadcast poisons. The most lethal thing I send out is an occasional essential oil. But the vast majority of my work is on the deepest levels I can access, where I work to increase energy flow and eliminate blockages. In summary, the better witness the faster the work. Ensure your witness includes only the things you wish to have in the broadcast and specify your intent.