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What Are The Blocks To Healing Energy?

I just got back from the Great Radionic Expo in Rapid City South Dakota and it was absolutely one of the best conferences I’ve been to in years. There was a tremendous amount of really good information and of course it’s the conversations after the conference that they are really what make the conference worthwhile. For those of you that made it, I know you’ll agree with me that it was a great conference.

If you didn’t make it this year go ahead and mark your calendars for the third week in October next year and make your plans to go.

This year we started off the conference with two days of a beginner class put on by Ed Kelly of Kelly Research Tech. Next year instead of the beginner class, Ed will be teaching an intermediate class. He’ll be going over some of the more advanced techniques and procedures; from using reagents to making your own. Go ahead and mark your calendars as you will not want to miss it!

Every week I introduce and explain a ‘rate-of-the-week’ where I offer some insight into the rates that I use on a regular basis. This week’s Rate-of-the-Week is “Blocks to Healing”

It is a compilation of four rates; there is “Blocks to Healing” which is 41.75 – 56.25. It gives you an idea about what the intensity of the blockages. Causes of disease have three components; there is a physical component, an emotional component and a spiritual one. Likewise, blockages to healing have the same three flavors. The rate for the ‘Physical Block to Healing’ is 95 – 30. Additionally, the rate for the ‘Emotional Block to Healing’ is 60.5 – 97. The rate for the ‘Spiritual Block to Healing’ is 3 – 87.
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Radionics and Dowsing; Energetic Cousins.

One of the major dysfunctions of society is our attention to detail at the expense of the overall picture. Just look at the alternative healthcare industry. There are dozens of modalities. Each one stresses how unique they are. They stress how their modality is the one that can make the difference. They also stress that their modality must be applied precisely in order to work properly.
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Exercises For Building Confidence

During the recent Winter Classic, was struck by how effective those basic demos are. For those of us that have been practicing radionics for some time, I think it is easy to forget how credulous we were when we started.

When took my first class, dialed the rates and rubbed the reaction plate and wondered how much of what was feeling was just my imagination and how much was real. In those days we would spend three days in the beginning class running rates and completing rate sheets.

We were tired on day three, but positive, and our findings were consistent. Imagination and wishful thinking couldn’t account for the similarity in hundreds of readings over several days.  Once we checked our results, we found that our readings were pretty much in line with everyone else’s. keep reading