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Optimize Exclusion Zone – Structured Water Benefits

Optimize Exclusion Zone – Structured Water Benefits

This week’s rate of the week is: “Optimize Exclusion Zone”. It is a simple rate of 98 – 21.50. In order to understand what “Optimize Exclusion Zone” is about we need to understand a little bit about structured water and how our cells use structured water.

Surrounding each cell is a thin layer of ultra-pure, structured water. This layer of water is called the “exclusion zone”. So, in normal tissues cell membranes don’t touch each other. This is because they are separated by this thin layer of water.

They use this water layer to foster communication between themselves. It acts as a conduit for the bio-photons. In fact, when tissues are dehydrated, inter-cellular communication begins to break down. Not unlike when we were kids and had the little walkie-talkies. We thought that if we touched the antennas they would work better, but all we would get is a lot of static.

Cells are not too different. They need that space around them to function and communicate. The exclusion zone provides that space. When we become even a little dehydrated the exclusion zone around the cells becomes depleted and cellular communication suffers. That helps to explain why dehydration interferes with healing, energy, and even longevity. When the cells cannot get the information they need, they cannot repair themselves properly.

Structured Water

In the last 30 years, there has been a lot of discussion on structured water. There are dozens of instruments and devices that supposedly produce it. Many are very good, many are not so good. But it makes sense that if what your cells need for their exclusion zone is structured water, then when we drink structured water we should see major health improvements.

That is exactly what we see in livestock operations, aquaculture, and food crops. Structured water increases plant and animal health across the board. It is only reasonable to assume those same benefits would apply to people as well. One of the other properties of the water in the exclusion zone is that as nutrients come into the cell, the structured water is able to pick up on the energy signature of that nutrient. So when we are hydrated our cells are able to use the nutrients in our body more efficiently.

This layer of water also helps to carry toxins out of the cell. The ultra-pure water clusters around the toxin rendering it inert. Then it can be flushed from the body without further damage. Ordinary water is largely unstructured. Because water is a polar molecule, the individual molecules tend to stick together. Unstructured water may have “clumps” of water molecules that contain hundreds of molecules. This type of water is not bio-available to the cells. The clumps are simply too large to pass through the cell membranes. So this water irrigates more than it hydrates.

Since tap water with chlorine and fluoride is unstructured, simply drinking more of it will give your kidneys a good workout but not do too much to actually hydrate your tissues.

What Does the Optimize Exclusion Zone Do?

What “Optimize Exclusion Zone” does is help to reinforce the exclusion zone layer of water around each cell. If your subject is dehydrated, it will be less effective. If your subject is toxic it will be less effective. However, when the subject is given plenty of water, whether structured or unstructured, it will work to expand the exclusion zone around each cell.

As with any of these rates, don’t take my word for it. Test it, experiment with it, and see how it works for you. There are times when “Optimize Exclusion Zone” is the best solution for a multitude of issues. There are other times when there are better tools. In the meantime, now that you know how important structured water is to your health, start drinking more water!

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