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Process Cellular Memory – Increase Energy Flow

Process Cellular Memory – Increase Energy Flow

Any of us that have worked with energy for any length of time have run across issues with cellular memory. 
These energy patterns interfere with energy flow, and interfere with function and retard healing too. So, even when the physical issues are resolved there might be issues.

Energy Blockages and Other Issues

(70.5-51.5) breaks up these energy blockages.

We have already discussed how emotions can be stored in tissues. Cellular memory is also closely related to that subject. With that in mind, let’s review how these energy patterns get stored. Whenever something happens in our life it is there to teach us a lesson or help us teach a lesson to others. Above all, there are no accidents.

Ideally, whenever there is an incident, we have enough energy to process that incident into the experience. However, when we are depleted, the energy pattern of the incident gets stored in our tissues. Until such time as we can process it into an experience.

Process Cellular Memory Energy Blockages

These stored incidents act as energy blockages that interfere with function and retard healing. Removing blockages resumes healing. The most effective use for Process Cellular Memory (70.5-51.5) is to dial in on the targeted area on one bank with Process Cellular Memory on the other. To test its effectiveness, first, take the General Vitality of the tissue of the organ, then process the cellular memory and recheck General Vitality.

Throughout my work, you will see that I look for issues within the system and work to correct those issues, INSTEAD of dealing with the myriad of symptoms and details. Living systems have the inborn intelligence to repair themselves and heal. Rather than try to replace those systems, my work supports them.

In any given project we are restricted by our knowledge of how the system works and what the symptoms represent. If we have sufficient knowledge, we achieve the results we desire. However, if we don’t know enough, we can fail. Since that is the case, it makes much better sense to look at the natural system and let it correct itself. That way I don’t need to be an expert in every biological system or process.

Additionally, removing energetic blockages allows the system to correct itself without additional interference. Try it!

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