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Radionics and Dowsing; Energetic Cousins.

Radionics and Dowsing; Energetic Cousins.

One of the major dysfunctions of society is our attention to detail at the expense of the overall picture. Just look at the alternative healthcare industry. There are dozens of modalities. Each one stresses how unique they are. They stress how their modality is the one that can make the difference. They also stress that their modality must be applied precisely in order to work properly.
You take a basic course and they tell you the real secrets are at the next level. At the 2nd level they say the same about the third and so forth until you are finally able to enter the highest circle of knowledge available only to those rare individuals that are able to pass all of the intermediary steps. If you are lucky, that is where you learn there really aren’t any secrets except the power of belief…

Radionics is somewhat different but there are entire areas of our industry that are exactly the same. The story being only one particular type of instrument actually has the power to work, the others are simply placebos….

We all have a piece of the puzzle. Every modality and every instrument package has its advantages and its disadvantages.  Every modality requires intent and belief.  These are scalar forces.

Our reality is not a solid mass of fixed atoms and elements. It is a reality created and maintained by consciousness. Think of it as a scalar hologram. Your thoughts are scalar frequencies. In order to change reality all you need is to have enough energy to change the current pattern.

The clearer the picture and the better focus, the more energy.  Your thoughts have power.

That means the belief of the practitioner is important and the belief of the recipient can add even more power.  Think of the placebo effect not as a by-product of luck and circumstance but as part of the fundamental underpinnings that make all this work.

That is why all energy work is so closely related to good old-fashioned dowsing.  It is simply about understanding our scalar reality is created and maintained by consciousness.

From my lecture on “Who Answers when I dowse.”, we understand that thought-forms either resonate with reality or they do not.  When we are dowsing for answers all we are really doing is listening with our body to see if our question resonates.  If the thought resonates, then we count it as true. If is does not, then it counts as false.

When I analyze a subject with my instrument, I am searching for the resonant point of the strength of the frequency’s intensity.  Same thing.  One uses the body, the other uses the instrument.

Muscle testing (or applied kinesiology) is not really different.  When the body resonates with the question it is strong when it does not, it is weak.

In fact, when we examine nearly every energy healing modality, we see there is a foundation of dowsing.  Radionics and dowsing are closely related. Think of radionics as a left-brain approach to right-brain work.  Same work, different tools.

In dowsing we form a question.  That question has a scalar frequency.  Then we check to see if that question is true or false.  More advanced dowsers, can also check the relative strength of the resonance of that question.

While dowsing uses the mind itself; radionics uses an instrument to tune into a portion of a frequency. 

Once I have the frequency tuned in the instrument, it remains fixed.  I can go get coffee, check the mail, take a walk, and come back and it is still there.  Still tuned to the same thought-form.

With dowsing, I must remain focused on the question in order to maintain the frequency.  Without years of training, most people simply do not have the skills to maintain a single clear thought-form for more than a few seconds.  So the advantage of consistency and persistence goes to radionics.

But thought-forms are incredibly complex, multi-dimensional, fractal patterns.  That complexity is easy for the mind, but not so easy for an instrument.  Even with my most sophisticated instrument, I can only capture a fraction of that same complexity.

For simple analysis, the added complexity of the thought-form may not be necessary.  But for balancing and influencing, the more complete the pattern, the better the result.  So the advantage of complexity and completeness goes to dowsing.

The garden variety dowser is typically someone seeking information.  This skill by itself can be life-changing.  But the more advanced dowser takes it a step further. Not only do they check for the resonance of their thought-form, but they also work to influence the patterns.

Raymon Grace is probably the most famous North American example of an active dowser.  He has taught thousands of people how to evaluate and then influence their results.  His clarity of thought and focus are excellent.  His results are excellent as well.  He uses standard dowsing to understand the issue, then he actively works to influence those frequencies into more beneficial patterns.  He does so without doubt or hesitation and his results speak for themselves.

The biggest difference between Raymon and many of his students are, he KNOWS he can make those changes, and students merely THINK they can.  When you can achieve his level of focus, there is no easier way of doing energy work.  But without that clarity, you won’t see the same results.

That is where radionics has the advantage.  The instrument provides persistent clarity and focus.  Even though radionics loses much of the complexity of the thought-form, it more than makes up for that lack by being able to stay tuned into that frequency indefinitely.

When we seek a new frequency, we refer to that as ‘cold scanning’.  First, we decide what it is we wish to find.  We carefully craft the statement of intent that describes the frequency we desire.  Then we use that intent statement to tune the instrument until we find the resonance points.  When we record the settings, we have a new frequency.

So, if my thought-form is not exactly the same as yours, our cold scanned frequencies will be different.  As my understanding changes, the results of my scans will change.  Even if my mood changes, the scanned rate will change.  That is because I am trying to capture the resonant frequency of a fractal layered multi-dimensional scalar waveform with a 3-dimensional instrument.  But each of those individual snapshots is often enough to achieve the result.

It has something to do with the holographic nature of our reality.  When I have even the smallest piece, I have access to all the information.  The bigger the piece the better the picture.  But each piece is representative of the whole.

With persistence and additional work, I can add fractal layers and additional harmonics.  This makes the frequency much more effective, but as of now, we don’t have the capacity to capture more than just a fraction of the complexity of a thought-form.  Think of it like listening to a beautiful symphony played on a cheap transistor radio…  You get the gist of it but miss a lot as well.

I tell people there is nothing you can do with a radionic instrument that you cannot do with intent alone AS LONG AS you can maintain your focused intent long enough and have enough energy to do so.

But radionics provides another benefit over simple dowsing.  When my instrument is broadcasting, I am not part of the circuit.  I am not using my own energy.  So if there were a negative response from the target, it goes back to the instrument and is dissipated into the ground.

Unlike other energy modalities, the radionic operator doesn’t ‘take-home’ the energies, emotional debris, or other flotsam.  I don’t have to clear myself after a session, because I was never part of the circuit.

This becomes a major advantage when working with intense emotional frequencies and when working with pathogens or working on large areas.  The instrument makes the connection to the target, not the operator.

Another built-in advantage of radionics is the analysis itself provides tremendous detail about the target.  Then when I wish to re-examine a project I can take precisely the same measurements and compare the results to see where progress has been made of where more work needs to be done.

Of course an experienced dowser can do much the same, but since radionics is very left-brained anyway, those details are simply part of a standard analysis.

As an experienced energy worker, I use a number of modalities including dowsing and radionics.  For simple projects, dowsing is an excellent way to get information and make small but significant changes.  For larger, more complex projects or those requiring work overtime, I prefer radionics.

My lab has a large number of instruments working around the clock on different projects.  I check, set, and reset them and they continue to work. I could not do that with dowsing alone.  It would take a tremendous amount of concentration and personal energy to suppress insect infestation in a large field.

But with my instrument, I can set it, start the work and even program the instrument when to turn off and on.

So that is a quick comparison between dowsing and radionics.  Both have their uses.  Each has its strengths and limitations.