Exercises For Building Confidence

Exercises For Building Confidence

During the recent Winter Classic, was struck by how effective those basic demos are. For those of us that have been practicing radionics for some time, I think it is easy to forget how credulous we were when we started.

When took my first class, dialed the rates and rubbed the reaction plate and wondered how much of what was feeling was just my imagination and how much was real. In those days we would spend three days in the beginning class running rates and completing rate sheets.

We were tired on day three, but positive, and our findings were consistent. Imagination and wishful thinking couldn’t account for the similarity in hundreds of readings over several days.  Once we checked our results, we found that our readings were pretty much in line with everyone else’s.

But even then, when I was at home ‘smiling and dialing’ I had questions. For me, it wasn’t until I experienced my first ‘radionic miracle’ that I realized I was on to something.

Since those days, Ed Kelly has made some changes to the format of the class and has added more hands-on exercises.  These exercises are designed to build trust faster. Those exercises work.  If you haven’t done any of these exercises, you really owe it to yourself. They are simple, inexpensive and quickly reinforce your belief in radionics.

Ed’s tuning fork demonstration is a great way to show how resonance works. So, for someone that wants to understand how an instrument sitting on a desk (unplugged) can be doing anything, this demo is a great way to start. All Ed does is take two identical tuning forks. He strikes one and then shows how the other one starts to vibrate. This is exactly what we do when we tune our instruments.

We set our instruments, so they resonate with the scalar wave-form we are testing.

Hug Demonstration

The hug demo is even more powerful. Recent social media posts claim that hugs are healing, hug exercises at work but it takes at least 30 seconds for there to be any noticeable effects. That is easily tested with radionics. Find a test subject and measure their general vitality. You may also wish to check a couple of other readings while you are there including white light and aural distortion. If you have the rate for expected longevity, that is also an interesting test.

Now, have someone hug your test subject for 15 seconds. Then retest. Now, have someone hug your test subject for 30 seconds. Retest again. If you are a real science buff, do the whole thing over for a full one-minute hug. If you have a large group, you can test a number of people and in short order find out what the optimal length of time a hug can be for optimal results.

Just for fun, see what happens when you hug an animal.Does it effect their GV the same way it effects yours?

Blessing Demo

This is a simple demonstration I try to use in nearly every class. All it amounts to is measuring how the simple act of praying over our food, not only changes the readings in the food, but also changes our readings when we eat the food.

Take two test subjects. Give each of them the same (typically unhealthy) snack. Check the general vitality of the snacks and the subjects. Have one subject eat the snack and see how it affects the readings. Now have the other subject ‘Say Grace’ over his snack. See how the readings on the food change and watch his readings change when he eats it.

Notice the changes between the two subjects. Notice how the simple act of prayer makes energetic changes not only in the food but in the subjects as well. Now you understand why people have prayed over the food for thousands of years.  It has nothing to do with impressing friends and family. Nor does it have anything to do with some superstition. We pray over our food because it changes the food and makes it healthier for us.

I Love Me Demo

If you aren’t already convinced that we are onto something here, this demo will bring it home for you. Nearly all people have issues with loving themselves. So, let’s test that.

Take some base readings of your test subject. Now have them stand in front of a mirror, looking at themselves while they say “I love you.” The first thing you will notice is that most people are VERY uncomfortable doing that. They may even snicker as they say it or may get real quiet. Some may even cry after a while.

In any case, while they are telling themselves that, start checking their readings every few minutes. Watch the changes. See how self-talk changes the energy field. See how easy it is to make MAJOR changes in a person’s health and well-being with simple demonstrations. 

When you take the time to go through these demonstrations, you have certainly reinforced your belief in radionics, but you have also shown how powerful simple a few simple exercises can be and how easy it is to help.

The Big Test

Pick a subject you have not worked with. It makes no difference, whether it is plant, animal, two-legged or four-legged. Run an ENTIRE analysis sheet on them. That means if it is an animal, you run the entire sheet on both sides.

Pick a single fundamental rate, perhaps an emotion such as love, or forgiveness. If you have the Ho’Oponopono, use that. Or is you are really feeling adventurous, take a prayer or even the New Testament and place that in the well.

Balance for time then recheck all the readings on the sheet. Notice what changed. Notice the NUMBER of things that changed. If the subject is sensitive, ask them what they felt.

You just have stumbled upon one of the greatest secrets in energy work. It is ALL energy! Of the nearly two hundred readings on the Animal Analysis a large percentage of them improved.  It follows, then, if all the ones you DID measure change, how many others that you didn’t measure or even know to measure changed as well?

That final test will change the way you look at radionics. It’s going to change the way you look at related alternative health and wellness specialties. This teaches you that even something as simple as good thought or an encouraging word is making powerful and profound changes. It also shows you that non-beneficial or negative emotions are detrimental.

Now you know the things you say to yourself, make a difference. Your prayers can make a difference. And a simple hug can be one of the most healing medicines you can use.

I didn’t set out to just prove to you how powerful your instrument is, but to show you how to test, evaluate and perhaps even change what you do.

Power Of Positivity

Now that you know about prayers over your food, it only makes sense to say them. You also know the healing power of a hug, why not? Now that you know the power of the words you say to yourself, why not say the ones that help you the most?

That is the power of your instrument. That is why I am still drawn to the work and go into my lab every day with a sense of purpose. Perhaps these simple exercises will encourage you to follow suit….

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