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More power is rarely the right answer.  Certainly, it can muscle you through the project, but just like most things, when you use more force than necessary you also risk more damage.  I speak from experience. We will show you how to use radionics instruments.

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Spirit of Love If you have ever attended a Raymon Grace seminar you may remember him discussing the “Spirit of Love” and how it is incompatible with the “Spirit of Greed”. He goes on to teach that in order to balance water, you must first remove the “Spirit of Greed” before the “Spirit of Love” can be added.

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Practicing Medicine Without A Licence

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Digestibility and AssimilationThere are two rates that are critical for anyone to know. They determine the efficiency of food or feed. These rates were initially developed for livestock producers. However, they apply to many living things. Digestibility is a measure of how well the digestive system is working at breaking down food or feed: 61.75 – 88.25.What Is Assimilation?Assimilation is a measurement of how well the digested food is absorbed by the intestines 39 – 82. Consider any food or feed. What if it cannot be digested? In that case,SEE DETAILS

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Optimize Exclusion Zone – Structured Water BenefitsThis week’s rate of the week is: “Optimize Exclusion Zone”. It is a simple rate of 98 – 21.50. In order to understand what “Optimize Exclusion Zone” is about we need to understand a little bit about structured water and how our cells use structured water.

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