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The Magic of Manifestation!Your manifestation rate-of-the-week is short and sweet, yet can pack a lot of power!

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It isn’t magic.  Whenever I get onto the radionics forums, I almost always see some posting that acts like radionics is some form of magic.  Describing our work in magical terms is intellectually lazy.  Yes, we do things that seem magical.  We sometimes perform rituals before we work and even after.  But it isn’t to satisfy some imaginary deity. Understand that radionics is not magic, and there is a science behind it.

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Process Cellular Memory – Increase Energy FlowAny of us that have worked with energy for any length of time have run across issues with cellular memory. 

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For a long time there was a certain amount of mystery concerning the witness. How could a DNA sample, or even a picture or signature be somehow connected to the subject? What is a radionic witness? That mystery has pretty much evaporated with the acceptance of the new physics concerning quantum entanglement.

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More power is rarely the right answer.  Certainly, it can muscle you through the project, but just like most things, when you use more force than necessary you also risk more damage.  I speak from experience. We will show you how to use radionics instruments.

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