The Best Professional Radionics Instruments On The Market

Professional Radionics Devices, Radionics has been one of the most misunderstood processes in science. Radionics is categorized as “alternative science”. However, do not underestimate it’s potential. Radionic instruments can be used for many different modalities – energy healing, homeopathy, and agriculture. Choosing the best instrument can be overwhelming. There are many different radionics instruments on the market. We are going be reviewing the best radionics instruments and devices on the market and offer a guide to choosing the best ones for your needs. What is radionics? How can you use this powerful method in your business? Radionics the process of detecting and balancing the information in the blueprint of any living system at a distance, for greater health and wellbeing.

How To Find The Best Radionics Machine

Here is a checklist of items that you should look out for when purchasing a radionics machine. There are many things that you should consider when you are shopping for one:

  • Support
  • Build Quality
  • Reaction Plate
  • Witness well
  • Input and Output


Training and support are the two most important features of any radionic instrument or device.  Look for companies that offer training, are available to answer questions and offer regular training and coaching assistance.

Reputable manufactures will often support groups of radionic practitioners and encourage their users to support each other.  They will cheerfully supply ample referrals and testimonials and encourage you to contact other satisfied customers and students.

Build Quality

The quality of a radionics instrument is critical.  These instruments are more like quality musical instruments than they are electronic devices.  High-quality components and construction ensure precise tuning for optimal results. The higher quality the materials of the machine, the better results. Radionics devices made of low-quality materials can potentially hinder your success, and even produce unwanted effects.

The intention of the manufacturer can also make a difference. Does the manufacturer put time and care into the radionics device? Does it work well? Or does it seem like they are trying to put out a product that is merely an overpriced cash-grab?

However, there are many professional radionics devices on the market that are worth the price tag. Additionally, high-quality radionics machines take time to construct. They are also built from high-quality components. When you purchase a high-quality radionics device, you are paying for high-quality materials, and the creator’s time and energy.

Tuning the Instrument

Every instrument has a way to tune it.  The best manually tuned instruments often use high-quality air-gap variable capacitors.  While the air-gap tuner may look ‘old-timey’ these are the components that allow the operator to precisely tune into the desired rate.  Low quality ‘cheap’ variable capacitors do not. 

The Hieronymus-type instruments usually have two tuners per ‘bank’.  It is typical to have at least 2 banks of dials for these types of instruments.

European instruments typically use different systems, different rates and may have a large number of dials.

Computerized systems often have a software interface with a simple instrument for the output device. Computerized instruments can often analyze a subject very quickly, but the operator is limited by software programming.

The Hieronymus-type instruments are the only radionics instruments in the United States that have been able to get a patent.
Reaction Plate on the Radionics Instrument

The reaction plate is not only the operator-instrument interface but also acts as the scalar antenna for the instrument.  Many basic instruments have a simple looped coil antenna.  More precise and powerful instruments have more complex coils.  But all reaction plate designs are built upon the original Tesla bifilar coil design.

Witness Well

 The witness will act as the ‘microphone’ input for the instrument.  Simple plastic wells offer relatively low-quality input, while the better Pyrex and Crystal wells offer much better input quality.

Input and Output

High-quality radionic instruments will have a number of input and output jacks so the operator can add audio, visual and signal devices to the input and more powerful and advanced accessories to the output of the device.

It is very common to computer-generated signals as well as the output from other radionic instruments as inputs to more advanced or powerful radionic instruments.


Radionics machines should be manufacturing using the best materials. The best instruments cases are typically made of high-quality wood. Wood allows for the free flow of orgone energy through the box. It also acts as an extra storage medium for thought-forms. Radionics machines with plastic cases work very well, but don’t offer the same advantages as wood. That is why entry-level instruments usually have plastic cases.   I don’t know of any quality instruments that use metal cases. 

Additionally, the use of quartz can make a difference in a machine. Many decent quality radionics machines contain some form of quartz crystal. Quartz can be a good vessel for thought-form. This thought-form is created naturally by the radionics practitioner. These thoughts cause the outcome or trend.

The Top Professional Radionics Devices

These radionics devices and tools are good for both new and experienced radionics practitioners. Take note that some of these are special order items.

Professional Radionics Devices

Cory Coil by Every Advantage

The Cory Coil by Every Advantage is high-quality rub-plate technology. The stunning, hand-wound coil produces a strong and profound “stick”. It is designed around a beautiful, hand-wound Rodin Coil.

The Cory Coil Product Specs

  • Each coil has bayonet and BNC connectors. This is designed to be used with other reaction plates. We recommend the Kelly Standard plate or the Kelly Perfect Spiral Antenna.
  • Its fractal nature of the coil gives you a precise almost electrical response at the exact resonant point

Purchase The Cory Coil

Professional Radionics Devices

Blank Quartz Rods by Every Advantage

Every radionics practitioner should have a set of blank quartz rods on hand. These blank quartz rods are perfect for storing reagents. 

Purchase Blank Quartz Rods

Professional Radionics Devices

ZoZeyko Wawe Pendant by ZoZeyko

This pendant can be paired with any radionics device. It works with the clear intent of independence. It doesn’t follow direction per se, but it collaborates with the custodian’s intent and vision.

The ZoZeyko Wawe Pendant Specs

  • Energy is extremely focused. So much so that some may find the energy overwhelming
  • This pendant works alone or with other radionics devices
  • It is perfect for both intermediate and advanced energy workers

Purchase the ZoZeyko Wawe Pendant

Professional Radionics

Agricultural Radionic Analyzer By Kelly Research Tech

This radionics instrument by Kelly Research Tech is one of the top of the line radionics instruments on the market. This machine is a two-dial analog radionic analyzer that is both strong and portable.

Agricultural Radionic Analyzer Specs

  • The instrument is strong and portable
  • It is a two-bank unit that includes everything for core radionic research, analysis, and scalar wavelength.

Purchase The Agricultural Radionic Analyzer

The Best Professional Radionics Devices

Whether you are a beginner in radionics or an expert, it’s essential to have the best tools in your practice. Higher quality tools make a difference in reading results and you’ll see an improvement in accuracy as well.

Every Advantage Is a Pioneer in Cutting Edge Radionics Devices

Many industries can harness the power of radionics devices. Many of these include health, energy healing, agriculture, and organic farming. It can enhance the healing process for almost any illness, injury, or psychological disorder. Every Advantage offers the highest quality radionics equipment.  The use of radionic devices can help you to balance your system and reactivate under-performing DNA. Be proactive. Balance yourself and your loved ones today. For questions on our company or products, contact us through email at or call at (641) 622-1025.


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