Cory Coil | Radionics Rub Plate Technology


This is a special order item.  Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.  International shipping extra.

The Cory Coil is the ultimate in “rub plate” technology. Designed around a beautiful hand-wound Rodin coil and produces a strong and profound “stick”.

The fractal nature of the coil gives you a precise and almost electric response at the exact resonant point. This makes it an ideal accessory for cold scanning and other precise work. In addition, the Cory Coil acts as a powerful antenna for radionic work and can cut balancing times by half.

Each coil has both bayonet and BNC connectors and is designed to be used along with other reaction plates such as the Kelly standard reaction plate or the Kelly Perfect Spiral Antenna and reaction plate. The Cory Coil can be used on either the input or the output side of the circuit.

Most experienced users end up with at least one Cory Coil on each side of the circuit, and many users stack multiple Cory Coils together for even more power and effectivenessI pair Cory Coils and Kelly Perfect Spiral Antennas throughout my lab.  In my experience, Cory Coils and Perfect Spirals seem to capture different portions of the scalar signal.  When I use them together, it cuts my balancing times even further.

Each one is custom built, so lead times can sometimes be several weeks.