(Blank) Quartz Rods (5) for Radionics | Radionics Instruments and Tools


Solid quartz reagent rods (blank).

(Blank) Quartz Rods for Radionics – These are the same high laboratory quality solid quartz rods I use for my reagents.  They are the same size and shape as the test-tubes I normally use and fit into the same test-tube racks. I ship them with test-tube caps on each end for ease of handling and to prevent chipping.

Getting Starting in Radionics – Common Terms 
BROADCAST: This means to send remotely. It is action at a distance, you broadcast to a witness sample.

IMPRINTING: This means programming the water or substance with the information from the radionic machine.

OPERATION: This is the term for a radionic session, or entire procedure. The radionics practitioner, will often be referred to as the operator.

RATE: The rate is the term for the set of numbers you put into the dials, or the numbers generated by the dials from tuning.

REAGENT: The reagent may refer to a substance you have on the input that you wish to copy, this term is often associated with a tincture.

REMEDY: This refers to a pure restructured water sample that you are intending to imprint, or have imprinted.

SAMPLE: Often a substance placed on the input intended for scanning and/or copying

SCAN: This is linked to rates and tuning, and is another term for tuning.

TREND: The trend in some systems refers to an outcome you are broadcasting to a witness. In Spooky Radionics, the trend will relate to the input plate, and the witness to the output plate. The term can cause some confusion so we rarely use it.

TUNING: The act of tuning the knobs of the instrument into a sample on the input

WITNESS: This refers to a DNA, or biological sample representing a nonlocal host.