ZoZeyko Wawe


The Wawe is the little brother to the Artea.  Powerful and flexible, a true time saver.

The ZoZeyko Wawe  works with the clear intent of independence. While it does not follow direction per se, it still chooses to collaborate with the custodian’s intent and vision. Simply hold it, form an intention, and let it work.  TheZoZeyko Wawe seems to have a consciousness of its’ own.

The energy of the ZoZeyko Wawe 

The energy is extremely strong, focused, and without any scramble! It can be expected that some will find this energy to be overwhelming. This can make them angry and drained, or perhaps even nauseous and ill, until they learn how to reduce the extreme energy towards themselves.

  • It is a HUGE problem solver and is FAST! The energy is extremely strong and focused
  • The Wawe works alone and is also an excellent addition to radionic and energy work.
  • I use my Wawe on all manner of projects including distance work.  This is also an excellent tool for intermediate and advanced energy workers.