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What is your instrument doing right now? Is it sitting over by the side waiting for the next project? Is it currently working? If it is not working right now, I suggest you are not using it to its full potential. I suggest it could be doing more and improving more lives. But to do that, we will need to step beyond the way we looked at radionics in past years. We will need to step beyond our basic radionic training. To really put our instruments to work, we will need to use some imagination. In the beginning classes we analyzed and balanced and re-analyzed. At some point we either achieved our intended result or got close enough to it we quit that project and moved to the next one. Many students, took their instruments home, say the time commitment needed for the analysis and set their instruments aside until they had more time. Many of those instruments ended up in storage. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are ways to utilize many of the benefits of radionics without all the analysis. Before I go further, I see analysis as important. I see analysis as a way to learn and grow and find the ultimate causes of issues. But if the alternative it to simply let the instrument gather dust, then let’s see what we can do in the meantime…… Somewhere in the beginning classes we teach that as far as pathogens go, ideally, they should be zero. We also teach that balancing time on pathogens is not critical, simply because if you over-balance, it is still zero. The basic animal analysis has an entire column of pathogens that can all be zero. There is no harm in setting a pathogenic rate and letting it run. One of the advantages of ‘over-balancing’ a pathogen is it tends to suppress the harmonics of the pathogen as well. So, once it is held at zero for an extended period, it tends to stay at zero. Suppose you have found a pathogen that is endemic in your area. Perhaps it is Lyme’s. Now suppose you use your property map as the witness and leave ‘Lyme’s’ on the instrument overnight or longer. The worst that could happen is nothing, but what is more likely is that frequency for Lyme’s will disappear from the property. That means, the ticks in the grass and the deer in the field have all benefited from the suppression of the Lyme’s frequency. Perhaps your water test revealed chemical contaminants in your well. What better way to keep your instrument employed than to suppress those contaminants? Take a picture of your well. I prefer standing over the well looking down into the shaft. Use that witness and let it run. Since water moves throughout the aquifer all the time, the water you are balancing today will not be the same water balance tomorrow. The longer you continue to broadcast the more water in the aquifer you are affecting. In the meantime, you have worked to reduce the contamination in your own water. Besides suppressing pathogens there are several things we can broadcast without limit that are beneficial. These include love, forgiveness and compassion. Who and what around you doesn’t need more love, forgiveness or compassion? Check to see if it is appropriate. Check to see if it raises general vitality and if so you can keep your instrument working 24 hours/day 7 days a week. Suppose you have a new project you intend to start after the weekend. Even when you don’t have time to analyze everything before Monday, what is the harm in a Ho’Oponopono broadcast in the meantime? Can your subject ever have too much love or forgiveness? The point is, you already have an instrument, it does no good just sitting on the desk, you may as well put it work. Even if all you did was work on congestion 55-100 or inflammation 40-100. Balancing these over a long period of time will NOT unravel the ultimate cause, but it will certainly relieve the symptoms in the meantime. Now for all of you that want to get excited about some huge community service project, let me tell you this. I have over a dozen instruments working 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Many are dedicated to clients, the others I have working on my family, my pets, my farm and my self. I do NOT have enough excess capacity to take on ‘save the world’ projects. That is because I have come to understand you can only save yourself. Your high consciousness level will do more good for more people than anything you could possibly do elsewhere. So before you take on that project, ask yourself if you are optimally balanced yet…… Keep smiling and dialing! Marty

Life force is described by many different names.  In the East it is Chi, sometimes we hear it referred to as orgone or Od.  Each tradition describes different properties so while they may all be referring to the same thing, perhaps they are referring to a combination of different things.  I will not dispute the research or traditions from thousands of years.  So while I have named this family of reagents ‘Chi’ perhaps I am describing something different as well.

In any case, there are three distinct energy patterns associated with life.  These correspond to the three different types of bio-photons.  Each type of bio-photon can be found with a type of Chi.  So for simplicity, I named these Chi-states after bio-photons.

So there is a Generative Chi that works with the generation of new life.  There is Regenerative Chi that works with the healing.  And there is a Degenerative Chi that works with decomposition. 

These three forms of Chi may be simply different polarities, as pictured by the Yin-Yang symbol, the dark, the light and the interface of the two.

My research indicates that an organism has a limited capacity for Chi at any given time.  This capacity can be increased or it can erode.  The average person today maintains about 18% of their optimal amount of Chi.  However, that small amount is broken into the three forms, roughly 1/3 of each. 

At any given time, a portion of our cells are dividing and replicating, a portion are repairing and another portion are being recycled.  An average 1 year old’s R-Chi is about 17%.  Their G-Chi is about 61%. Their D-Chi is about 13%… with the balance unknown. 

Compare that with an average 60 year old (male).  R-Chi is about 19%, G-Chi is about 7%, and their D-Chi is about 74%.

So let’s think about what is happening here.  The baby is growing so it doesn’t need to do as much repair or recycling (except in cases of toxic overload).  But the 60 year old has already moved from repair to recycling…….  In other words the average 60 year old is dying right in front of you……

On average the change from repair to recycling seems to occur about the age of 48 (male).  R Chi seems to peak at about age 33 at 49%

That means if we want to enjoy a long and healthy life we need to keep ‘repairing and maintaining’.  That means we need to maintain as close to a peak level of R-Chi as possible.

Without optimal levels of R-Chi our ability to repair and heal is only a fraction of what it could be.

Warning:  This reagent simply addresses the level of R-Chi.  It does not address ‘the why’ R-Chi has decreased.  That research is on-going.  There are a number of exercises that can increase the volume of Chi, this reagent does NOT do that.  It works to shift the balance of available Chi to the Regenerative form.  R Chi.

I use R-Chi primarily for remote work but have it available in a pendant as well. 

Over the last couple of years I have been using R-Chi I have found that it really helps to stimulate faster healing and also seems to slow the progress of aging (in pets).


The Scientific Method has been the gold standard for research for over a hundred years.  The idea is to carefully design your experiment to eliminate as many variables as possible.  Then when you make changes in the things you know; you can end up with predictable and repeatable results.

This system works amazingly well for all sorts of grade school and high school experiments. It even works pretty well with many cooking recipes.  But as the experiments become more complicated, even the scientists had to modify their methods in order to verify their research.

What they learned to do early on was repeat the same experiment over and over and then discard the results that didn’t fit with the others.  They could claim the discarded data was corrupted, was recorded improperly or any number of other things.  But in the meantime, they could still claim they adhered to the Scientific Method and their results are reliable.

Too Many Unknowns….

In more complex experiments there are more variables and more unknowns, so it becomes a challenge to decide which data to discard.  The scientist decides what data to throw away based upon his experience and his preconceptions.  So, the experiment can turn into nothing more than a validation of the scientist’s prejudices and expectations.

When Maxwell developed his equations that explain electricity; they were too complex to be solved by the mathematics of the day, so Dr. Oliver Heaviside (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oliver_Heaviside ) edited the equations and discarded all the data that he felt was superfluous.  His editing removed all the scalar components of western electrical theory and by doing so suppressed research into this critically important area for over 100 years. 

In Soviet and Russian schools, they teach the unedited versions of Maxwell’s equations and have for over 50 years.  Consequently, when we wish to learn more about scalar energy and effects, we have to study the Russian work, because Western theories are out of date and inadequate.

This is one example of where editing data that doesn’t fit interferes with progress.  There are many others…..

Real World vs. Laboratory

The Scientific Method falls apart in real world applications, complex situations and in areas with very subtle effects.  That is when society tells us that some work is more art than science.  People with experience make the best wines, not by the ones with the most scientific expertise.  There is an art to making fine wine.  The best cheese is made the same way.  Even something as relatively simple as growing healthy and nutritious food, is best done by people who have experience in it, as opposed to those that are educated about it.

The food prepared at the chain restaurants has had the recipes carefully tested and refined over and over again.  Each detail is spelled out so that the food is always the same.  Where they succeed in consistency they fail in quality.  The food nearly always achieves the same minimum standard, but never surpasses it.

Science produces consistent meritocracy. 

Over and over again we see people that know all ABOUT something, but don’t know anything.  I don’t care how many books you read on a certain subject until you actually do it, all you have is knowledge about how it done.

Western farming has moved to a commodity model.  The commodity model uses the Scientific Method to treat production like a factory.  Inputs and animal feeds are carefully designed and tested, and the resulting commodity meets the same minimum standard.

Family farms and dairies in the United States are vanishing and the owners are confused as to why. The answer is deceptively simple.  People buy and enjoy food.  People that grow food have plenty of customers. However; growers that produce commodities sell to corporations.  A commodity is not the same as food.

The Scientific Model tells us that is we do the same thing in the same way we will get the same results.  When you are looking for mediocre but repeatable results, this method excels.  But when you are looking for outstanding and extraordinary, then you are looking for where there is more artistry than science.  You are looking for someone that KNOWS how to do something as opposed to someone that knows about.

Knowing About vs. Knowing

The recent college graduate knows about his chosen field.  The veteran in that area, KNOWS it.  Who would you rather have as your surgeon; the man who KNOWS or the one that knows about?

The idea of some work being an art, is a simple dodge to cover for the fact that there are simply too many variables and unknowns.  It means it takes experience to weigh all the data.  The fact is, we have outgrown the Scientific Model.  It was a great tool for many years but is completely inadequate for what we need today.

When quantum physicists at the Weizmann Institute (https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/1998/02/980227055013.htm) discovered the observer is part of the experiment and the expectations of the observer affect the results, the entire premise for the scientific method went out the window for everything but the simplest of experiments.

Weizmann Killed the Scientific Method

When the thoughts of the participants become part of the experiment, there is no longer any way to hold that variable constant.  The expectations of the observers are part of the results, that means the results no longer fit into the outdated Scientific Model.

When it comes to scientific testing in general and subtle energy work in particular, the Scientific Model is dead.  Lab results are flawed leaving only experiential results. That means the anecdotal results that so-called scientists have tossed aside as irrelevant become the only real way to evaluate experiments.

In the future, the real progress in science will necessarily have to be done in the field with real life situations and real life people.

Your radionic work doesn’t fit the old model of the Scientific Method. You build your results on your intentions. So if some so-called scientist decides our work is fake science and his is the real stuff, he just showed you his ignorance.

The Science is Old

Over 100 years ago Einstein taught us that light and mass and energy are all but the same.  Eighty years ago we learned that light can be both a wave and particle and 20 years ago we found out that the thoughts of the experimenter affect the results of the experiment.  If anyone, especially a so-called scientist hasn’t wrestled with those discoveries, then it is he who is practicing fake-science.

When the experimenter is culling his data of the information that doesn’t fit his theories, he is practicing fake-science.

I have never met anyone in the radionics industry that has pretended to understand everything about our work.  But our results speak for themselves.  Year after year we coincidental results in soils and crops where weeds and insects are suppressed.  We see herds and flocks of animals that all experience the mysterious placebo effect and miraculously recover their health.   How ridiculous does that sound?

Laboratory trials? Who Cares?

Do I have laboratory trials of treatment and control?  No, I have some field trials and decades of anecdotal evidence.  But since radionics is not a sponsored science here in the United States, the practitioners I know don’t have the time or patience to prove to anyone but their clients that our technology works.

When we have results (data) that doesn’t fit our preconceptions, we cannot discard it, we have to stop and understand why and then make corrections.  The farmer with the aphid problem in his soybean field doesn’t care if Iowa State University understands and approves of radionic control of the pest.  He just requires the problem be solved.

That is the difference between the academic and the practitioner.  The academic has the luxury of pontificating all about some subject or another, the practitioner does not.

Believe What You See

Last week I had an individual tell me about my fake science.  What got to me more than anything else, is he has seen my results and lived with the benefits of them, but his scientific superstitions wouldn’t let him believe what he saw with his own eyes.

Dr. Dan Skow taught us to ‘see what we are looking at’.  Don’t let what you think you know interfere with what you know you see.  Anyone that has used their instrument for more than a week, you have seen their own radionic miracle. If you accept what you see, your work will continue to become more effective. But if you deny it, then you might as sell your instrument now to someone gullible enough to believe what his eyes show him.


One of the things you hear when you tell people about what we do, is someone telling you what you are seeing and doing is just ‘magical thinking’.  This has been the ultimate put-down by so-called scientists for years.  First, they try to write off our experience as coincidence. If that doesn’t convince us, then they fall back on the placebo effect.  Then finally if we still believe what we see, then they tell us about magical thinking….

Magical thinking is the idea that there is some sort of Divine intervention or ‘other-worldly’ intervention that can make things happen…. IF we can convince that being to assist us.

Prayers are usually grouped in with magical thinking. Astrology and planting by the sign of the moon are as well.

Magical thinking is usually linked not only to radionics, but also to dowsing, muscle testing and most energy medicine.  Chiropractic used to be linked to magical thinking, but it has mostly graduated into the realm of ‘real medicine’ now.

There is the good news about magical thinking: not only does it work, but it is also supported by science.  Further it doesn’t require the invention of Deity.

The only people that still believe that magical thinking is NOT the reality are the people that haven’t graduated past the high school Newtonian physics of 100 year ago.  If they had gone further, they would know that thought DOES change reality.  They would also know that it doesn’t take ‘Divine intervention’ to make it happen….

Doctors know that the attitude of the patient makes a major difference in how they recover.

When Einstein told us that light and energy and mass were all related; that led physicists to conclude that the reality we enjoy is made of light.  Then the more they studied light they found that it behaved like a particle sometimes and like a wave other times and that behavior depended upon what the experimenter expected.  That was the famous double-slit experiment.  Since then, numerous experiments have shown how thoughts effect not only light but random number generators and even physical responses in plants.

Every scientist past high school, now understands that the observer is part of the experiment and that the very act of observing changes the outcome.  In other words what they are saying is that thoughts change reality.  Our thoughts really are powerful, even magical.  So if you are accused of ‘magical thinking’ it just means you are starting to understand how our reality works. Further the person accusing you, just told you how little they know about modern science.

But before you stop there, quantum science also explains the concept of quantum entanglement where particles affect each other no matter how far apart they are.  In their experiments they took two entangled electrons and when they changed the polarity of one the polarity of the other changed instantly.  The theory is it doesn’t make any difference how far apart those particles are, the effect is the same.

So now we have action at a distance in the quantum realm as well as the thoughts of the observer changing the outcomes of experiments.  Doesn’t this sound like magic?  The miracles of our religions and folklore didn’t need supernatural involvement, since those things are already explained by science.

This isn’t the science you learned in high school.  This is the REAL science that the New Age movement has been demonstrating for years.  This is the science that explains hands on healing. It explains telepathy and it even explains much of what psychics talk about.

Maybe I DO have a measure of ‘magical thinking’.  Because as it turns out our reality is NOT how we have been taught it is.  Our reality is magical.

Dowsing works because of quantum entanglement as does much of radionics.  Our intuition can be explained in much the same way.  Likewise, when we do our energy work and get results, it is not just a coincidence. It is not just the placebo effect, nor is it blind luck. Our energy work gets results BECAUSE of the quantum nature of our reality.

Believing makes a difference.  Not believing as well.  Because the thoughts of the observer affect the results.      

So whether you have a wall full of advanced degrees or a lifetime of experience, the science of what we think is real has changed dramatically. Our education system hasn’t caught up, not has society in general.  But when you consider the ramifications of the idea that thought changes outcomes, then you have no choice but to look at all the large and small ways that single concept can change your life…

If we think about how bad things can get, then we are changing our reality in such a way as to make those scenarios possible.  When we think of all the good things coming our way then we are making those things possible as well.

When we think about how happy and healthy, we are, then we become happier and healthier.

It is not ‘woo-woo’. It is not magic, it just happens to be the way our reality works….


I often speak about looking at emotions not as some touchy-feely expression, but as an harmonic frequency. When we do that, we can discard all the cultural flotsam and jetsam and see them for what they really are. Compassion (60-72.5) is not different. Disregard how you think it feels and try to examine it as a ‘thing’. In society compassion seems to be the lubrication that keeps society running smoothly. It is a kind of and accepting. So, for me when I look at Compassion, I see it as a way to smooth out the rough edges. It seems to help glue and hold things together. Compassion literally means “to suffer together”.
    Beyond suffering it is also a desire to resonate with others. When things resonate they work better together. Resonating builds energy. Compassion supports resonance therefore it builds energy. Those properties don’t necessarily do much on their own, but when you add Compassion (60-72.5) to the mix, it speeds the resonance process.
My Experiments so far….
    My initial experiments were with this basic rate. I found adding it, often reduces balancing times. That was when I started adding the more complex component to it and building a reagent. At first I added the fractals and perfect 5ths to create Compassion (hs) (harmonic suite). Then I found that Compassion has components in the higher and lower logarithmic layers of reality as well. So just like Love and Light, Compassion also has 33 logarithmic layers above and below. Further, everything I have seen so far, indicates that Love, Light and Compassion work together as an important trio, or Trinity if you prefer. My experiments are still on-going and I will keep you posted as to the results, but for now, try it for yourself. Add Compassion (60-72.5) to your broadcast and see if it lowers broadcast time.

During the recent Winter Classic, I was struck how powerful some simple demonstrations were.  For those of us that have been practicing radionics for some time, I think it is easy to forget how credulous we were when we started.

When I took my first class, I dialed the rates and rubbed the reaction plate and wondered how much of what I was feeling was simply my imagination and how much was real.  In those days we would spend three days in the beginning class running rates and completing rate sheets.

We were exhausted by day three, but confident, our results were consistent.  Imagination and wishful thinking couldn’t account for the similarity in hundreds of readings over several days.  Then when we compared our results, we found that our readings were pretty much in line with everyone else’s.

But even then, when I was at home ‘smiling and dialing’ I had questions.  For me, it wasn’t until I experienced my first ‘radionic miracle’ that I realized I was on to something.

Since those days, Ed Kelly has made some changes to the format of the class and has added more hands-on exercises.  These exercises are designed to build trust faster.  Those exercises work.  If you haven’t done any of these exercises, you really owe it to yourself.  They are simple, inexpensive and quickly reinforce your belief in radionics.

Ed’s tuning fork demonstration is a great way to show how resonance works. So, for someone that wants to understand how an instrument sitting on a desk (unplugged) can be doing anything, this demo is a great way to start.  All Ed does is take two identical tuning forks.  He strikes one and then shows how the other one starts to vibrate.  This is exactly what we do when we tune our instruments.

We set our instruments, so they resonate with the scalar wave-form we are testing.

Hug Demonstration

The hug demo is even more powerful. Recent social media posts claim that hugs are healing, but it takes at least 30 seconds for there to be any noticeable effects.  That is easily tested with radionics.  Find a test subject and measure their general vitality.  You may also wish to check a couple of other readings while you are there including white light and aural distortion. If you have the rate for expected longevity, that is also an interesting test.

Now, have someone hug your test subject for 15 seconds.  Then retest.  Now, have someone hug your test subject for 30 seconds.  Retest again.  If you are a real science buff, do the whole thing over for a full one-minute hug.  If you have a large group, you can test a number of people and in short order find out what the optimal length of time a hug can be for optimal results.

Just for fun, see what happens when you hug an animal.  Does it effect their GV the same way it effects yours?

Blessing Demo

This is a simple demonstration I try to use in nearly every class.  All it amounts to is measuring how the simple act of praying over our food, not only changes the readings in the food, but also changes our readings when we eat the food.

Take two test subjects.  Give each of them the same (typically unhealthy) snack.  Check the general vitality of the snacks and the subjects.  Have one subject eat the snack and see how it affects the readings.  Now have the other subject ‘Say Grace’ over his snack.  See how the readings on the food change and watch his readings change when he eats it.

Notice the changes between the two subjects.  Notice how the simple act of prayer makes energetic changes not only in the food but in the subjects as well.  Now you understand why people have prayed over the food for thousands of years.  It has nothing to do with impressing friends and family.  Nor does it have anything to do with some superstition.  We pray over our food because it changes the food and makes it healthier for us.

I Love Me Demo

If you aren’t already convinced that we are onto something here, this demo will bring it home for you.  Nearly all people have issues with loving themselves.  So, let’s test that.

Take some base readings of your test subject.  Now have them stand in front of a mirror, looking at themselves while they say “I love you.”  The first thing you will notice is that most people are VERY uncomfortable doing that.  They may even snicker as they say it or may get real quiet.  Some may even cry after a while.

In any case, while they are telling themselves that, start checking their readings every few minutes.  Watch the changes.  See how self-talk changes the energy field.  See how easy it is to make MAJOR changes in a person’s health and well-being with simple demonstrations. 

When you take the time to go through these demonstrations, you have certainly reinforced your belief in radionics, but you have also shown how powerful simple a few simple exercises can be and how easy it is to help.

The Big Test

Pick a subject you have not worked with.  It makes no difference, whether it is plant, animal, two-legged or four-legged.  Run an ENTIRE analysis sheet on them. That means if it is an animal, you run the entire sheet on both sides.

Pick a single fundamental rate, perhaps an emotion such as love, or forgiveness.  If you have the Ho’Oponopono, use that.  Or is you are really feeling adventurous, take a prayer or even the New Testament and place that in the well.

Balance for time then recheck all the readings on the sheet.  Notice what changed.  Notice the NUMBER of things that changed.  If the subject is sensitive, ask them what they felt.

You just have stumbled upon one of the greatest secrets in energy work.  It is ALL energy!  Of the nearly two hundred readings on the Animal Analysis a large percentage of them improved.  It follows, then, if all the ones you DID measure change, how many others that you didn’t measure or even know to measure changed as well?

That final test will change the way you look at radionics. It will change the way you look at the related alternative health and wellness specialties.   It shows you that even something as simple as a good thought or an encouraging word makes powerful and profound changes.  It also shows you that non-beneficial or negative thoughts are damaging.

Now you know the things you say to yourself, make a difference.  Your prayers can make a difference. And a simple hug can be one of the most healing medicines you can use.

I didn’t set out to just prove to you how powerful your instrument is, but to show you how to test, evaluate and perhaps even change what you do.


Now that you know about prayers over your food, it only makes sense to say them.  You also know the healing power of a hug, why not?  Now that you know the power of the words you say to yourself, why not say the ones that help you the most?

That is the power of your instrument.  That is why I am still drawn to the work and go into my lab every day with a sense of purpose.  Perhaps these simple exercises will encourage you to follow suit….


The first class many take after the Beginner/Refresher class is the Potentizing Class.  This is usually Day 3 of our Winter Classic.  Ed Kelly describes potentizing as simply as anyone I have heard.  He teaches it is a way of recording what is in the well and on the dials for future use.  Much like an audio or video recording.

I am not going into the mechanical details of how the Potentizer or Replicator function, but I will go into some of the uses that you may not have considered before.


Potentizing a rate or rates into a reagent is a great time saver when you want to broadcast the same thing multiple times.  It also allows you to broadcast the reagent you just built along with any additional rates you want to add from the banks.  So, if you have just a Personal Unit, you can always add 2 additional rates to a broadcast that uses a reagent.

Likewise, if you have two reagents then you can broadcast both at the same time and still add 2 additional rates from your personal unit banks.

The Potentizer also gives you the capability to build reagents that have more banks than you are able to broadcast all at once.  If you want to use a 3-bank rate. You can potentize 2 banks into a reagent and then potentize the 3rd into it.  Now you have a three-bank reagent even though you only have a 2 bank instrument.

Build Remedies

Since both the Potentizer and Replicator have in-phase and out-of-phase settings, not only can you potentize a rate that supports a frequency pattern, you can also potentize a rate that suppresses a frequency.

For instance, suppose someone has a runny nose.  Take a sample of the discharge (usually on a tissue). Place it in the sample well and place a glass of water in the Potentizer well.  then in order to make a remedy, dowse to see if it would be in-phase or out-of-phase and potentize the water.  Now you have a remedy of the cold….

Or for someone allergic to foods of different sorts, take a food sample and make a remedy.

Taken further, all sorts of candies can be potentized with frequencies.  Everything from vitamins to emotions.  Or maybe you want to suppress your appetite in a sneaky fashion….  Potentize the appropriate frequencies into some candies…..

Maybe you feel like you need the frequency of aspirin, but don’t want the stomach issues that sometimes go with it.  The list is endless and of course includes intoxicants and all sorts of herbs…..

Besides foods, you can potentize frequencies into crystals and almost anything that has carbon.  Your pencil can be potentized with the emotions of love and forgiveness.  How much more powerful would a painting be if it included additional frequencies?  Further, how would a room painted in potentized paint feel?


Maybe make the Living Room feel like the Ho’Oponopono.  Or, peace and restfulness for the bedrooms and something healthy for the kitchen.  Maybe something to repel pests for the outside shed.

The ‘Magic’ Healing Flashlight

Last but certainly not least one of my most popular demonstrations is when we potentize frequencies into flashlight batteries.  Then we use the flashlight to broadcast the frequency.

If you don’t already have a Potentizer you are missing ½ the fun of radionics.  I potentize food, agriculture products, seed and even the decorative rocks along the sidewalk.  Come to think about it, I could potentize the toner for my printer and even the paper itself.

In any case, if you don’t already have a Potentizer of Replicator, get a hold of Ed Kelly at Kelly Research Tech and get yours on order.  If you use it, it will pay for itself in a very short time.

So until next time, keep smiling and dialing!




When your analysis is done, it is time to try to figure out what the readings mean.  So, let’s start with General Vitality.

General Vitality or GV is the benchmark we use to measure everything else.  It is a measurement of the coherence of the system.  Higher readings indicate more coherence, lower readings indicate more dissonance.

Suppose one subject is well balanced at 250 and another is well balanced at 650.  The client with the 250 compares to the Junior High Orchestra.  The 650 compares to the New York Philharmonic.  Both can play and you can recognize the music from both, but there are some significant differences.

For one, if one of the players drops out of the Junior High Orchestra or they are having a bad day, it may be enough to ruin the entire concert.  On the other hand, since the New York Philharmonic is so good, even if one musician is having a bad day, you probably won’t be able to notice the difference.

So, issues that are completely devastating for the subject that has a GV of 250 probably just run off the other subject.

Let’s follow this a little further.  Suppose the first subject has a pathogen with an intensity of 80.  That means that pathogen is resonating at almost 1/3 the intensity of the subject.  That means even at 80, that pathogen could be a major problem.  The subject with 650 General Vitality can have the same level of pathogen at 80, but it is only at about 12% of the overall intensity of the rest of the system.

Minor issues in weak subjects can quickly turn into major issues.  Which is exactly what we see in real life when a person is in intensive care.  The hospital takes special care to isolate the patient. 

What that means is that when you find a subject with a low General Vitality, that seems well-balanced; you have NOT found the issue yet….. There is a reason GV is low.  When you find and resolve it GV will climb.

That is one of the reasons we have tens of thousands of rates.   Whenever standard analysis didn’t reveal the underlying issues, we have simply kept analyzing until we found them.  That is a very standard allopathic approach and it is one that works very well; 1) given enough time and 2) given enough patience!

Here is the fallacy of that approach.  You are assuming you have the medical, physiological, nutritional, infectious disease and functional knowledge to properly evaluate analyze the results and find the proper rates to analyze.

That is precisely why so many backyard doctor wannabes get into trouble.  They learn enough about biology and physiology to start guessing what the maladies are. So, they start playing doctor.

Well guess what, unless you have a medical license it doesn’t make any difference how much you know or how much you think you know.  And likewise, if you have that license it makes little difference how little….

The standard analysis is NOT to help you diagnose.  That is not what it does.  It is designed to provide an overall picture of key indicators.  Then as you repeat your analysis you can see how your work is affecting the issues.

Many times, the subject will want to know what the readings are.  Share them.  Show them the highs and the lows and the trends.  They may have their own ideas as to what the underlying issues are, and your analysis is a way for you to show them what is happening.

I have often been asked, that if I am not going to balance on the issues I find, why do the analysis at all?  First, when I am analyzing a subject, I am connected to them.  That gives my intuition a chance to work.  Second it provides me with a record of what I have done and the results I have gotten.  Third it gives the subject something tangible for them to see and study.

In our beginning classes we teach that all pathogens should be zero and all other systems should be within 50 points of General Vitality.  We then teach the student to go through the analysis and balance on the low points and balance out the pathogens.

My approach is to use the analysis as a foundation and unless the issues are critical, I look at all the readings simply as symptoms and nothing more.

In my Intermediate class one of the first things I teach is to balance on something fundamental and non-physical and watch how all the numbers change.

For instance, after a standard analysis, balance on just “I love myself.”  Now recheck your sheet.  You will see that everything has changed!  But what is more important is that the body always heals the most important things first, so while you are checking maybe 200 points, the body is healing EVERYTHING.  It is healing all the things you know to check and all the things you have no idea about.

Let’s suppose you had been playing doctor wannabe and had ‘diagnosed’ an issue. Let’s further suppose you were wrong.  Had you proceeded to ‘treat’ that issue with all your homegrown medical knowledge and experience, you could easily end up harming the very one you intended to help.  Best case scenario you wasted their time and prolonged their suffering. Worst case scenario they die.

I have seen it happen.  People with great intentions, a little medical knowledge, but all the confidence of a fool, hurt people.  You don’t want to do that. Don’t want to play doctor.  We are here to help and to relieve suffering. 

We don’t have to be veterinarians, soil scientists, nutritionists, biologists, doctors or experts in disease.  Frankly, there is no way I could possibly know all I would need to know to be expert in these areas.  I have work to do and projects to complete.  I don’t have time to get to know all those details.  The good news is that I don’t have be that expert.

The body knows more about being healthy and staying healthy than any of us.  The soil knows how to balance itself.  Our job is not to replace natural systems but support them and let them do what they do best.

We must get our ego out of the way long enough to accept the fact that all of man’s detailed knowledge of Nature is just a fraction of what we would need to know if we want to replace her.  Then accept the fact, that when we do try to intervene in natural processes more often than not, we fail.

So, for your radionic work, the sooner you stop trying to be the expert in all things great and small, the sooner you will start seeing even more impressive results.  The sooner you gear your work to supporting natural processes, the better.  Trust me, as your success rate goes up, your frustration will go down.

I don’t need to check and recheck whether “I love myself.” balances out pathogens.  It does.  I don’t need to check whether balancing with the “Ho’Oponopono” balances mineral levels in soils. It does.  I know because I did the detail work and the analyses, and I saw it happen time and time again.

I tried balancing individual minerals and nutrients. It wasn’t long before I was chasing my tail. I would balance one and it throws others out of balance.  Then I balanced them and then had to go back to balance the first one again.  I tried being the expert soil scientist, but I found Nature does the job better and more completely than I ever could.

When I support natural processes in soils, not only do the major minerals balance themselves but all the minor ones do as well.  Every one I checked.  So, by working at a base level I can see hundreds of readings come into balance, but I’m not doing all of the work.

That is why you do the analysis.  Every time you do it, it shows you how powerful Nature is. It shows you how much CAN be done, when you simply get out of the way.  It reinforces your resolve to ONLY work at the cause behind the cause.

Your detailed analysis will show you that everything in the physical is a symptom of the energetic.  It shows you again and again that when you change the energy the physical changes as well.  Isn’t that one of the first things you learned in radionics?