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Is It Really Magical Thinking?

Is It Really Magical Thinking?
One of the things you hear when you tell people about what we do, is someone telling you what you are seeing and doing is just ‘magical thinking’.  This has been the ultimate put-down by so-called scientists for years.  First, they try to write off our experience as coincidence. If that doesn’t convince us, then they fall back on the placebo effect.  Then finally if we still believe what we see, then they tell us about magical thinking…
Magical thinking is the idea that there is some sort of Divine intervention or ‘other-worldly’ intervention that can make things happen…. IF we can convince that being to assist us.

Prayers are usually grouped in with magical thinking. Astrology and planting by the sign of the moon are as well.

Magical thinking is usually linked not only to radionics, but also to dowsing, muscle testing and most energy medicine.  Chiropractic used to be linked to magical thinking, but it has mostly graduated into the realm of ‘real medicine’ now.

There is the good news about magical thinking: not only does it work, but it is also supported by science.  Further it doesn’t require the invention of Deity.

The only people that still believe that magical thinking is NOT the reality are the people that haven’t graduated past the high school Newtonian physics of 100 year ago.  If they had gone further, they would know that thought DOES change reality.  They would also know that it doesn’t take ‘Divine intervention’ to make it happen….

Doctors know that the attitude of the patient makes a major difference in how they recover.

When Einstein told us that light and energy and mass were all related; that led physicists to conclude that the reality we enjoy is made of light.  Then the more they studied light they found that it behaved like a particle sometimes and like a wave other times and that behavior depended upon what the experimenter expected.  That was the famous double-slit experiment.  Since then, numerous experiments have shown how thoughts effect not only light but random number generators and even physical responses in plants.

Every scientist past high school, now understands that the observer is part of the experiment and that the very act of observing changes the outcome.  In other words what they are saying is that thoughts change reality.  Our thoughts really are powerful, even magical.  So if you are accused of ‘magical thinking’ it just means you are starting to understand how our reality works. Further the person accusing you, just told you how little they know about modern science.

But before you stop there, quantum science also explains the concept of quantum entanglement where particles affect each other no matter how far apart they are.  In their experiments they took two entangled electrons and when they changed the polarity of one the polarity of the other changed instantly.  The theory is it doesn’t make any difference how far apart those particles are, the effect is the same.

So now we have action at a distance in the quantum realm as well as the thoughts of the observer changing the outcomes of experiments.  Doesn’t this sound like magic?  The miracles of our religions and folklore didn’t need supernatural involvement, since those things are already explained by science.

This isn’t the science you learned in high school.  This is the REAL science that the New Age movement has been demonstrating for years.  This is the science that explains hands on healing. It explains telepathy and it even explains much of what psychics talk about.

Maybe I DO have a measure of ‘magical thinking’.  Because as it turns out our reality is NOT how we have been taught it is.  Our reality is magical.

Dowsing works because of quantum entanglement as does much of radionics.  Our intuition can be explained in much the same way.  Likewise, when we do our energy work and get results, it is not just a coincidence. It is not just the placebo effect, nor is it blind luck. Our energy work gets results BECAUSE of the quantum nature of our reality.
Magical thinking handsBelieving makes a difference.  Not believing as well.  Because the thoughts of the observer affect the results.      

So whether you have a wall full of advanced degrees or a lifetime of experience, the science of what we think is real has changed dramatically. Our education system hasn’t caught up, not has society in general.  But when you consider the ramifications of the idea that thought changes outcomes, then you have no choice but to look at all the large and small ways that single concept can change your life…

If we think about how bad things can get, then we are changing our reality in such a way as to make those scenarios possible.  When we think of all the good things coming our way then we are making those things possible as well.

When we think about how happy and healthy, we are, then we become happier and healthier.

It is not ‘woo-woo’. It is not magic, it just happens to be the way our reality works….