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Regenerative Chi (R-Chi)

Regenerative Chi (R-Chi)   

Life force is defined in many different names. It’s Chi in the East, occasionally we hear it referred to as orgone or od. Each tradition describes different properties so while they may all be referring to the same thing, perhaps they are referring to a combination of different things.  I will not dispute the research or traditions from thousands of years. So while I have named this family of reagents ‘Chi’ perhaps I am describing something different as well.

Energy Patterns of Life   

In any case, there are three distinct patterns of energy associated with life. In any case, there are three distinct patterns of energy associated with life. These correspond to the three different types of bio-photons. A type of chi can be detected for each type of bio-photon. So for simplicity, I named these Chi-states after bio-photons. So there is a Generative Chi that works with the generation of new life. There is Regenerative Chi that works with the healing. And there is a Degenerative Chi that works with decomposition. 

The Three Chi’s 

These three forms of Chi may be simply different polarities, as pictured by the Yin-Yang symbol, the dark, the light and the interface of the two. My research indicates that an organism has a limited capacity for Chi at any given time. This capacity can be increased, or it can be eroded. The average person today maintains about 18% of their optimal amount of Chi. Nevertheless, the small amount is broken down into three forms, about 1/3 of each.

The Break Down of R-Chi, G-Chi, and D-Chi

At any given time, a part of our cells is splitting and replicating, a portion is rebuilding, and another portion is being reused. An average 1 year old’s R-Chi is about 17%. Their G-Chi is about 61%. Their D-Chi is about 13%… with the balance unknown. Compare that with an average 60 year old (male). R-Chi is about 19%, G-Chi is about 7%, and their D-Chi is about 74%.

So, let’s think about what is happening here. The baby is growing so it doesn’t need to do as much repair or recycling (except in cases of toxic overload). But the 60 year old has already moved from repair to recycling… In other words the average 60 year old is dying right in front of you…On average the change from repair to recycling seems to occur about the age of 48 (male). R Chi seems to peak at about age 33 at 49% 

The Balance Between Life & The Three Chi’s 

That means if we want to enjoy a long and healthy life we need to keep ‘repairing and maintaining’. That means we need to maintain as close to a peak level of R-Chi as possible. Without optimal levels of Regenerative Chi our ability to repair and heal is only a fraction of what it could be.

Warning: This reagent simply addresses the level of Regenerative Chi . It does not address ‘the why’ Regenerative Chi has decreased.  That research is on-going. There are a number of exercises that can increase the volume of Chi, this reagent does NOT do that. It works to shift the balance of available Chi to the Regenerative form. R Chi. I use R-Chi primarily for remote work but have it available in a pendant as well. Over the last couple of years I have been using R-Chi I have found that it really helps to stimulate faster healing and also seems to slow the progress of aging (in pets).

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