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Analysis Of Radionics

Analysis Of Radionics

When your analysis is done, it is time to try to figure out what the readings mean.  So, let’s start with General Vitality.

General Vitality or GV is the benchmark we use to measure everything else.  It is a measurement of the coherence of the system.  Higher readings indicate more coherence, lower readings indicate more dissonance.

Suppose one subject is well balanced at 250 and another is well balanced at 650.  The client with the 250 compares to the Junior High Orchestra.  The 650 compares to the New York Philharmonic.  Both can play and you can recognize the music from both, but there are some significant differences.

For one, if one of the players drops out of the Junior High Orchestra or they are having a bad day, it may be enough to ruin the entire concert.  On the other hand, since the New York Philharmonic is so good, even if one musician is having a bad day, you probably won’t be able to notice the difference.

So, issues that are completely devastating for the subject that has a GV of 250 probably just run off the other subject.

Let’s follow this a little further.  Suppose the first subject has a pathogen with an intensity of 80.  That means that pathogen is resonating at almost 1/3 the intensity of the subject.  That means even at 80, that pathogen could be a major problem.  The subject with 650 General Vitality can have the same level of pathogen at 80, but it is only at about 12% of the overall intensity of the rest of the system.

Minor issues in weak subjects can quickly turn into major issues.  Which is exactly what we see in real life when a person is in intensive care.  The hospital takes special care to isolate the patient. 

What that means is that when you find a subject with a low General Vitality, that seems well-balanced; you have NOT found the issue yet….. There is a reason GV is low.  When you find and resolve it GV will climb.

That is one of the reasons we have tens of thousands of rates.   Whenever standard analysis didn’t reveal the underlying issues, we have simply kept analyzing until we found them.  That is a very standard allopathic approach and it is one that works very well; 1) given enough time and 2) given enough patience!

Here is the fallacy of that approach.  You are assuming you have the medical, physiological, nutritional, infectious disease and functional knowledge to properly evaluate analyze the results and find the proper rates to analyze.

That is precisely why so many backyard doctor wannabes get into trouble.  They learn enough about biology and physiology to start guessing what the maladies are. So, they start playing doctor.

Well guess what, unless you have a medical license it doesn’t make any difference how much you know or how much you think you know.  And likewise, if you have that license it makes little difference how little….

The standard analysis is NOT to help you diagnose.  That is not what it does.  It is designed to provide an overall picture of key indicators.  Then as you repeat your analysis you can see how your work is affecting the issues.

Many times, the subject will want to know what the readings are.  Share them.  Show them the highs and the lows and the trends.  They may have their own ideas as to what the underlying issues are, and your analysis is a way for you to show them what is happening.

I have often been asked, that if I am not going to balance on the issues I find, why do the analysis at all?  First, when I am analyzing a subject, I am connected to them.  That gives my intuition a chance to work.  Second it provides me with a record of what I have done and the results I have gotten.  Third it gives the subject something tangible for them to see and study.

In our beginning classes we teach that all pathogens should be zero and all other systems should be within 50 points of General Vitality.  We then teach the student to go through the analysis and balance on the low points and balance out the pathogens.

My approach is to use the analysis as a foundation and unless the issues are critical, I look at all the readings simply as symptoms and nothing more.

In my Intermediate class one of the first things I teach is to balance on something fundamental and non-physical and watch how all the numbers change.

For instance, after a standard analysis, balance on just “I love myself.”  Now recheck your sheet.  You will see that everything has changed!  But what is more important is that the body always heals the most important things first, so while you are checking maybe 200 points, the body is ` EVERYTHING.  It is healing all the things you know to check and all the things you have no idea about.

Let’s suppose you had been playing doctor wannabe and had ‘diagnosed’ an issue. Let’s further suppose you were wrong.  Had you proceeded to ‘treat’ that issue with all your homegrown medical knowledge and experience, you could easily end up harming the very one you intended to help.  Best case scenario you wasted their time and prolonged their suffering. Worst case scenario they die.

I have seen it happen.  People with great intentions, a little medical knowledge, but all the confidence of a fool, hurt people.  You don’t want to do that. Don’t want to play doctor.  We are here to help and to relieve suffering. 

We don’t have to be veterinarians, soil scientists, nutritionists, biologists, doctors or experts in disease.  Frankly, there is no way I could possibly know all I would need to know to be expert in these areas.  I have work to do and projects to complete.  I don’t have time to get to know all those details.  The good news is that I don’t have be that expert.

The body knows more about being healthy and staying healthy than any of us.  The soil knows how to balance itself.  Our job is not to replace natural systems but support them and let them do what they  do best.

We must get our ego out of the way long enough to accept the fact that all of man’s detailed knowledge of Nature is just a fraction of what we would need to know if we want to replace her.  Then accept the fact, that when we do try to intervene in natural processes more often than not, we fail.

So, for your radionic work, the sooner you stop trying to be the expert in all things great and Analysis of the universe and the bodysmall, the sooner you will start seeing even more impressive results.  The sooner you gear your work to supporting natural processes, the better.  Trust me, as your success rate goes up, your frustration will go down.

I don’t need to check and recheck whether “I love myself.” balances out pathogens.  It does.  I don’t need to check whether balancing with the “Ho’Oponopono” balances mineral levels in soils. It does.  I know because I did the detail work and the analyses, and I saw it happen time and time again.

I tried balancing individual minerals and nutrients. It wasn’t long before I was chasing my tail. I would balance one and it throws others out of balance.  Then I balanced them and then had to go back to balance the first one again.  I tried being the expert soil scientist, but I found Nature does the job better and more completely than I ever could.

When I support natural processes in soils, not only do the major minerals balance themselves but all the minor ones do as well.  Every one I checked.  So, by working at a base level I can see hundreds of readings come into balance, but I’m not doing all of the work.

That is why you do the analysis.  Every time you do it, it shows you how powerful Nature is. It shows you how much CAN be done, when you simply get out of the way.  It reinforces your resolve to ONLY work at the cause behind the cause.

Your detailed analysis will show you that everything in the physical is a symptom of the energetic.  It shows you again and again that when you change the energy the physical changes as well.  Isn’t that one of the first things you learned in radionics?