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Create a Legacy

A Legacy

There are very few things in our daily lives that really make much difference in the grand scheme of things. Of the things you are doing today, which ones will make any difference and leave a legacy in 100 years? Or 50 years? Or even 10?

Maybe simply being a certain age makes you wonder what impact you have made or can make on the world. Maybe it was having a friend pass suddenly….. In any case, those of us with children leave a lasting legacy. But frankly, most us raised our children when we were young and busy and perhaps still doing a lot of growing up ourselves.

As I look around my home and farm, I can see that it will mostly all be gone or completely changed in a hundred years. As I consider the work I did when I was in the military, it is all but forgotten now, so I really didn’t change much there.

Any regular job I did was filled in the next few days after I left, and I know my work made no real changes there either.

Legacy of Radionics

Radionics work is different. Even changing the life of one animal makes a difference. I get calls all the time from people whose lives were changed by a radionic operator. For some, it was years ago, but they still remember how they were helped.

Most people in our society see our work as impossible, but once they have had their own radionic ‘miracle’ they never forget it. Our clients think our work is miraculous. People remember miraculous. But what is even more important, while they may not understand what is was we did, they know that it was not a deity or prophet or saint that did it. We know that whatever radionic phenomenon we witnessed was achieved by mere mortals.

Our work helps people not only recover their health, but it opens their world up to what is possible.  Once someone has had their world opened, it cannot be shut again. That is a change that lasts forever.

Our work makes legacy changes in the way people think. (Not all people, but the ones we have helped always know that it worked)


That has led me to working on potentizing every day, ordinary items that may be around far longer than I. Archeologists find pottery shards from long lost cities and villages. Since there is a lot of quartz in clays, these pottery shards can hold frequencies. So, when I potentize an ordinary coffee cup, not only is it radiating those frequencies, and perhaps even improving the beverages in them, but there is a possibility that those frequencies could last in the structure of that cup for a very long time. Years for sure, but perhaps even centuries……

I don’t see any particular reason to keep track of these objects. The Universe will take care of the details. I just create them and leave them and create some more….. kind of like a Johnny coffee cup.

Will that work make any difference to anyone? Perhaps it will. But knowing that our reality relies upon synchronicity you can bet that if you have potentized a cup with the Ho’Oponopono, then at some point a person that needs that frequency pattern of Love, Gratitude and Forgiveness will get use that cup.

Maybe you prefer working with more valuable or memorable pieces. Maybe you prefer to potentize family heirlooms; items that are kept and treasured. That works too.

All too often we get focused on practical matters that distract us from the easy things we can do that could possibly change someone’s life. Will a coffee cup do that? I don’t know, it certainly doesn’t hurt anything to try.

When we think about it, every sacred place and sacred object in the world was made that way by someone or by some group of someones… We have the tools, we can be one of those someones.

What is your Replicator doing right now? 

I tell my students their instruments can be working on something 24/7. Your Replicator can as well.

If you have a large well, you can potentize, cups and saucers and small plates and pitchers. You can potentize flower pots, the booze in the bottle as well as the olive oil in the cupboard. We potentize batteries in class as well as our eye glasses and our cell phones. I don’t recommend potentizing credit cards, (not because it won’t work) but because there is a good chance you will erase the card if you do….

Carbon holds frequencies. Paper is carbon. Books are printed on paper. Will the pages hold the frequencies for hundreds of years? Probably not, but maybe they will hold it just long enough for someone that needs it.

Certain Buddhists treat everything as if it is sacred. In my view, everything has a spark of the Divine.  Divine is sacred, so I can see sacredness in the ordinary around me. I have potentized field stones for several years. Perhaps you have even help one or two at different events.

When those stones end up back in the Earth, will the frequencies they carry help support the soil life?  I don’t know, but I do know potentizing them doesn’t hurt anything and it may help someone or something significantly at some time in the future.