Your path to happiness is to follow your Heart…

The core of the Healer’s Essentials is the Heart and Soul’s desires. At a recent get-together someone expressed concern that these two desires are shallow, especially Heart’s Desire.

Certainly, how most people think of them they could be shallow. But at the center of these two desires is WHO we really are and HOW we get there. When we are aligned with Heart and Soul, we aligned with Spirit. We are in our power and the Universe works to fulfill our destiny.

Of course it can be frightening to think about what may change when you decide to follow your destiny. But trust me, even though the changes may be significant, the peace and clarity are well worth it….

It is difficult to explain, but when your life is aligned with these two primary drives, the Universe seems to go out of her way to help you.  I feel the calm confidence of being in the flow. The things happening around me are supporting and assisting me in becoming WHO I am supposed to be (yes, even the difficult and painful things).

I know it may sound like Pollyanna nonsense.  But I also know how my life has changed since I began working with the Healer’s Essentials.

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