Turn the other cheek….

When we look at our different projects and challenges, we often fall into a polarity mindset.  Most of the time, the answer will not be found in direct conflict, but in seeking and resolving the cause.  That said, there are occasions when you will be in conflict until the issue is resolved.

It has been said you cannot resolve any problem with the same level of thinking that created it.

For the last 50 years or so, many energy workers taught the concept of surrounding yourself with a ball of white light.  That usually works about as well as the bunny that pretends to be invisible.  Sure it works sometimes, but you can tell by the layers of fat on the coyotes and other predators, that it is not that effective.

Military history shows us that every defense will eventually fail unless the attacks are stopped.  The Great Wall of China failed to protect China because it couldn’t stop the hordes from wanting to get into China.

Likewise as long as starving and frightened people are willing to leave their home to come to the US, no wall on the border will stop them forever.  It can stop some of them for a while, but it will eventually fail, if the reason people want to come is not addressed.

It is no different with an infection.  That is why anti-biotics are great for symptoms, but don’t solve anything.  If the terrain is suitable for pathogenic growth, pathogens will grow until the terrain changes.

I mention this because we recently had some discussion about my “Mirror of Life” in one of the radionic groups.  One fellow flat out told me that sending love to someone simply didn’t work.  They didn’t go away and they didn’t quit attacking.

I agreed with him.  But the philosophy of the “Mirror of Life” is a bit more devious than simply reflecting or shielding.

It is designed that any energy coming into the field is transmuted to the frequency of love, multiplied by 10 and returned to the sender.

So, when the sender sends an angry thought your way, he gets flooded with love energy at 10 times the emotional power of his anger.  Two things happen at this point.

Number one, the reflected energy wave not only does not resonate with his own energy, but it is powerful enough to disrupt his current frequency pattern.  He finds the incoming energy obnoxious and perhaps even debilitating.  It makes his anger weaker.

Normally, the reflected energy from the target would build up and reinforce the anger frequency pattern.  Mirror of Life weakens the anger energy.  Aas the anger energy is weakened the motivation to send more anger also weakens.

Meanwhile back at the target, the incoming anger energy is transmuted and multiplied and the target receives that same dose of ‘love’ energy.  So the target gets stronger and tends to emit more love energy, making the target much less attractive to the attacker.

With each attack, the attacker becomes weaker while the target gets stronger. Instead of suffering the wrath, the target actually feels better after each attack.

This works for all non-love energies, including fear, greed and hatred.

This tool is not designed to make great and uplifting changes to the attacker.  If it does, that is just a happy by-product.  What is does is make the attack very unpleasant for the attacker (at their current frequency).  So, they will either change frequencies to resonate with love, which will stop the attack, or they will go away, which also stops the attacks.  The end result for the target is the same.  The attacks stop.

I wish I could say, that was my original intent when I started developing Mirror of Life, but it was not.  My original intent was to develop a weapon that would destroy my attacker with their own energy.  In fact, the for-runner of Mirror of Life was nothing short of diabolical.  It was a cruel, but very effective weapon, that stopped the attacks for sure, but would destroy the attacker in terrible ways.

While effective, I quickly realized that such a weapon did not make the world a better place.  I also realized that the pleasure I felt from seeing my attackers suffer simply fed a part of my ego, that I would be better off not feeding.

That helped produce the Mirror of Life.  Simply carrying it around makes the world a better place.  You seem to radiate love to everyone around you.  That makes you an unlikely target for low level attackers and surrounds you with high frequency people and beings.

As more high frequency people come into your life, it is easier to keep raising your own frequency.  This feeds a chain-reaction that keeps attracting the best and highest good and repelling anything that does not resonate with that.

Since, I developed the Mirror of Life, the individuals I originally designed it for are completely out of my life.  So, in that sense it was successful.  But even more importantly, my frequency has changed so that I no longer resonate with them either, nor do I have any attachment to their shenanigans.

Their lies, deceptions, and lack of business ethics, used to really bother me.  Now, they simply disappoint me.  Not my circus, not my monkeys.

The lesson from all this is one taught in many of the martial arts.  Use the strengths of the opponent against them.  In this case, I wanted to stop their attacks, but this approach works across the board.

When we have an infection, the only way that infection can attach to our energy field is if there are mating attachment points between the two energy fields.  Those attachment points have shape like a key and a lock.

Change the lock and the key no longer fits.  That is where the work of balancing with the Platonic solids comes from.

Since disease thrives where energy is stagnant or stuck, getting the energy moving stops disease.  Love is the expression of unrestricted energy flow.  That is why the Ho’Oponopono is such an effective health and wellness frequency package.

It doesn’t attack the pathogen, it changes the terrain so the pathogen can no longer thrive.

If you don’t crave sugar you won’t eat as much of it.  Less pathogenic fungi in your system; the fewer sugar cravings.  Get rid of the pathogenic fungi, then it doesn’t take willpower to resist something you don’t want.

Sadly, our culture tends to promote polarity conflicts and head-to-head competitions.  We talk about survival of the fittest as if it were nearly holy.  But that is not how Nature works.  Nature works best when everything works together.  It is always survival of the most cooperative.

Understand the problem you seek to solve and the solution will present itself.  As you increase your frequency and Level of Consciousness, the solutions you find will have less and less conflict and more and more cooperation.

Let me close with this.  One of the most powerful tools you have is your ability to project love.  There are times (still) when people come into my life that do not resonate with me.  I like to Bless them.

Now, if you think that ‘bless’ is a feel-good platitude, then you really don’t understand what blessing really is.  For me, ‘bless’ is a command to connect to Creator.  When I run across someone that I truly find despicable, I can ‘bless’ them and feel very good about it.

If you ‘bless’ someone and the blessing sticks, that is great for everyone.  On the other hand, if it does not, you have just thrown a massive shock into their system, that makes you completely unapproachable.  Just like being sprayed by a skunk, their first thought is to get as far away as possible and wash the ‘stink’ off.

That works for me.  People that don’t fit into my life tend to keep away.  People that do fit, tend to come into my life.

Like Dr. Dan Skow used to teach in his agriculture classes; “see what you are looking at”.  That is where the understanding comes from.  We really don’t live in a world of conflict so much as a world that doesn’t understand cooperation.

Returning love for hate is not some feel-good naive approach used by people that simply don’t understand how the real work works.  When done properly, returning love is not only the most effective approach you can use, it is also the most powerful one.

But like any tool, if it is not used properly it won’t work.  Surrounding yourself with a ball of the white light of love is a perfect example.  It is easy to do, easy to explain and equally as easy to defeat.  This is not an area where passive acquiescence works.

Your attackers are not enemies as such, they are simple energy and frequency packages that do not resonate with you.  Fighting evil (if you want to characterize your enemies as evil) does not make you stronger, nor does it weaken the evil.

Transmuting their frequencies into harmonic and resonate frequencies makes everyone stronger.  Turning the other cheek is a weakness if that is all you do.  But if you blast them with love as you turn and walk away, you are not just showing yourself who is stronger, you are showing the entire world how to move forward.