The Perfect Toothache

When you align yourself with your Heart and Soul’s Desires your perspective on things change.  That alignment puts you into a space filled with synchronicities and small and large miracles.  The things you want and need, show up and the things that no longer serve you go away.

Recently, I had a tooth that started bothering me (again).  The last time it gave me trouble I developed the DD-007 reagent to bring in optimal celestial energies and outcomes for dental work.

So, when it hurt this time, I wondered what I missed.  Of course, I did everything I knew to do to heal the tooth on my own.  I did the radionic work, I did the oil pulls, I did the hot and cold compresses.  But the tooth got worse.

I am no fan of dental work, but I am smart enough to understand there is a time and a place for medical intervention.  So, I set the appointment to see my regular dentist.

She wasn’t in, so another dentist that I frankly don’t resonate with came in to see me.  I have no reason to question his competence, it is just we are on different wavelengths.  He examined the issue and said that since he was quite busy, he would refer me to a specialist the following day.

That didn’t help with the discomfort or lack of sleep, but I simply went with the flow.  Whatever was supposed to happen would happen.

Late in the afternoon on the following day, the specialist examined the issue.  From my perspective she was younger than many of my fillings but saw the issue and proceeded to correct the problem.

On the way home from the treatment, I started dowsing to see why I had the issue.  Of course, there are any number of physical reasons for dental problems.  You can assign guilt to dental hygiene, diet, genetics or whatever.  But in my work, there is always a reason for things.

There was a reason my regular dentist wasn’t there.  There was a reason, the other dentist sent me to the specialist.  There was a reason it was that particular specialist.   So, I began dowsing to see why.

While I was checking in at the specialist’s office, they had me fill out the many forms they like to have for new patients.  Since, I really don’t care very much, I answered the questions in the most humorous ways I could.

For instance, in case of emergency call…. My answer was 911.  I told her, if it was an emergency I wanted them to call an ambulance!   When they asked my height and weight, I put down what I feel would be ideal for me.  So, the in-processing turned into a lot of laughing and joking.

My dowsing revealed, that for whatever reason, the laughing and joking was just what the lady at the reception desk needed.   And while there are probably hundreds of supporting reasons, I was there, getting a procedure because she needed that comic relief.

That is how synchronicity works.  We are all connected.  It just turned out so my needs for treatment interfaced exactly with what she needed at that same point in time.

Had she not needed a little laughter and cheering up, would my tooth have been just fine?  From my perspective it is a matter of timing of all things.  There is nothing separate.  There is nothing operating independently.

So, my tooth didn’t start causing trouble because she needed a few laughs, it started causing trouble then, because she needed those laughs.

If you give the Universe the opportunity and you pay attention to what is happening around you, it won’t take long until you see that you really are the creator of your existence and everything and everyone around you are supporting players helping you create.

Would I have preferred a less painful way to fill her need for an emotional lift?  Sure, but the Universe uses every tool available to accomplish what needs to be done with the least effort possible.  So, in this instance, my dental health and history was the perfect piece of the puzzle to help get this other job done.

This isn’t the first time I have realized that my supposed misfortune was not a misfortune at all, but a blessing that someone needed and frankly, a blessing for me as well.  Things do not happen TO us.  They happen through us and for us.

Suppose I had gone into that office with the attitude of ‘poor me’.  I could have spread my misery to everyone I came in contact.   I could have spent my entire time wondering what I could have or should have done.  Or what the dentist that looked at the tooth the last time, should have or could have done. 

I could have blamed me for the problem, or blamed the dentist, or blamed the toothpaste, or the blamed the crunchy peanuts I ate or whatever.  The human mind is capable of manufacturing all the blame necessary for any and every situation.  But blame implies victimhood.  If you are the creator of your life, then you can’t claim to be the victim as well.

Blame is an excuse for not accepting responsibility.  Everything I have created in my life led me to this situation.  So, it makes no sense for me to blame anyone.  Since, I created the situation, my job is to accept it and try to understand why.

The skeptic can read this entire account and conclude that this is just a rationalization to make me feel better about an unfortunate circumstance.  The point is this perspective helps me understand the world I live in.  It helps me see the world as a series of miracles and opportunities. And since I see it that way, I am able to see even more miracles and opportunities.  So, whether it is simple a rationalization or the way things really are in my world, makes no difference to me.

My entire life is a series of miracles, coincidences, and opportunities now.  That makes things very interesting, because in every situation I can work to see how all the pieces came together, and in doing so, marvel at the complexity of the miracles in my life.