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The Magic of Manifestation!

The Magic of Manifestation!

Your manifestation rate-of-the-week is short and sweet, yet can pack a lot of power!

A New Age

Whenever we are at a “Spiritual” or “New Age” conference someone will be talking about manifestation. But, no one talks about how long it may take. For some, it seems instantaneous. For others, it seems to take forever. That is why I developed the “Manifestation Delay” rate: (8.8-96.6)

Manifestation is a result of a combination of focused energy and intent. With better focus, less energy is required. With more energy, less focus. Each of us has differing amounts of each so our delay for manifestation is different.

This is a fun rate to run on any new project where you want to know how long you can expect to wait. Another great use for it is to evaluate your intent statements for clarity. The more precise the intent statement the less time it will take to manifest. Try it. Then change a single word and see how it affects your manifestation delay!

Every Advantage

There is already a mountain of evidence and positive results over the last 80+ years demonstrating the effectiveness of subtle energy technology for the conventional and organic farmer, veterinarian, nutritionist, chiropractor, massage therapist, alternative medicine, and new age practitioners, other diverse professionals, and the layperson. Even so, we have barely scratched the surface of the possible applications of subtle energy technology. 

Your goal to improve your business management decisions, your health (including your pets), eat more nutritious food and live a longer, and healthier and happier life will be among your many rewards. But, your rewards won’t come overnight and your ability to make changes in your life is paramount to make it all come together. Like anything you want to do well, (1) embracing new information and practicing new habits and (2) learning new technology are your keys to success in gaining your personal and business rewards from SE technologies.