Results are what count.

One of the disadvantages of being invested in a modality is people are taught ABOUT doing, but are not encouraged to simply do.  

An experienced energy worker reached out for assistance.  He was suffering from extreme sensitivity to electricity.  He asked if radionics could help.  Of course, it can.

But more importantly, after just a little dowsing, I could tell that his Information Channel #3 wasn’t functioning properly.  Could I dial it in on the instrument and broadcast?  Certainly!

But I could also simply work to clear it right there and right then to help relieve his suffering.  (that is what Raymon Grace would do)  So, in just a couple of minutes, while we were on the phone he started experiencing relief.

You have the power to do this work, if you have the desire.  Start seeing what you CAN do, then do it and see what happens!