Report on the Healer’s Essentials

In this test they had just the “Heart’s Desire” and “Soul’s Desire”.  The test was to see if the “In the Now” and “Into the Heartspace” were necessary.

The client held just “Heart’s Desire” and immediately felt a tightness in his chest that reminded him of the heart attack he had when he lost his spouse.  He put it down and picked up “Soul’s Desire” and felt the ‘vague homesickness for a place he couldn’t remember’.

Then he held both and felt an increasing peace and calmness.

I can only say ‘Wow!”  Heart’s Desire takes you right there as does Soul’s Desire.  That is why it is so important to take the time to bring them together in the Heartspace.

When these two are aligned, limiting Core Beliefs melt away.  This set is truly an essential part of a healer’s toolbox.