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Reagents in Radionics

Reagents in Radionics

A reagent is a substance of some kind or a ‘recording’ of a set of rates that, when added to the well of a radionic instrument, along with the witness of the subject, helps to reduce the condition, which is a negative manifestation, or to increase the intensity of something positive. So, the operator can simply use the reagents to broadcast instead of manually dialing each one.

For example, if you were checking the G.V. Or General Vitality (9-49) of your houseplant and found that it was at an intensity of 600. You could have raised the G.V. of your houseplant, by adding something to the well of your instrument along with the witness of your houseplant (piece of a leaf, photo, etc.) What could you add as a reagent, well, just about anything, but not everything will raise the G.V. Some things will severely lower the plant, which would be detrimental to the plant.

What is General Vitality or G.V.? What is it relation to Radionics?

General Vitality is a measurement of the overall coherence of energy field.  Put another way, it tells us how well the energy field is tuned.  We use G.V. as a base measurement to see what portions of the field are most out of tune. Then we work to bring the things that are out, into alignment.

Some of the products that would increase the G.V of the plant would be Agricultural Lime, Calcium (plain chalk is calcium) such as Miracle-Gro, Molasses, Compost, and many other things. If the G.V of the crop is boosted, it’s better for the plant. Broadcast the reagents that lift G.V to the plant by setting a bank on your instrument at 0-100, dowse for broadcast time, turn on the instrument switch and transmit the reagents or reagents to the plant for the specified time. At the end of the broadcast time, test the plant’s G.V. again, it should now be significantly higher than it was initially. If you do this every day (be sure to check for appropriateness first) in a week or two, you will start to notice that your plant looks healthier, fresher, more vibrant.

The same procedure referred to above for plants is applicable to any subject, human, animal, whatever, of course, the reagents which raise the G.V. of a plant may or may not raise the G.V. of a human, or vice versa.

The Human Body

Reagents may also be used to help get rid of negative conditions. For example, if an individual has a cold, you might use a vitamin pill as a reagent or a pure bee honey. But whatever you use to make sure that it increases individuals General Vitality, and at the same time decreases the Intensity of the situation, in this case, the cold.  When you tested the individual with the cold, their G.V. was 550, and the cold frequency (38-21) was 325. Then again, after placing the reagent in the well, you tested the individual’s G.V. It went up to 725, but the cold frequency fell to 200, so you would know that the reagent would be a good one to use. But if the reagent reduced the cold frequency, it also lowered the G.V. It would not be good to use the subject.

How have Reagents helped in past studies dealing with radionic instruments?

By recording a series of rates into a single reagent we are able to combine many more frequencies into one broadcast than would otherwise be possible.  This has allowed me to build very complex reagents based upon the fundamental building blocks of life. A complex reagent will include the most important fractals and harmonics associated with the rate.  These not only make the broadcast more complete but also shorten broadcast time.  Typically, the more complete the rate, the shorter the broadcast.

Reagents have I found useful in studies

I start everyone out with the Ho’Oponopono (hs).  This dissolves energetic blockages that interfere with healing.  Depending upon the case, I often then use Somasol II, Love, Light and Compassion and Release.  I am currently experimenting with a series of my most advanced reagents to not only see how quickly I can promote healing, but also how to make that healing permenant.

The thing about reagents is that almost everything can be used for a reagent as long as it is not harmful. You can even go out to the forest and pick different varieties of plants and flowers (many plants and flowers have medicinal properties). Always test the reagent to make sure it raises the subjects of General Vitality and lowers the intensity of the condition. Find out if it is appropriate to broadcast the reagent to the subject and then dowse for the duration of the reagent. You may need to transmit a reagent to a subject more than once to see a significant improvement.

Keep the reagents capped in the test tube (Pyrex or Kimex are the best) in the test tube rack.


Some Common Reagents:


Alfalfa Tablets




Epson Salts

Black Walnut Leaves

Black Walnut Hulls

Calcium and Magnesium

Cayenne Pepper

Quartz Crystal

Dolomite Lime

Dehydrated Egg Yolk







Lemon Juice

Vitamins and Minerals


Volcanic Ash




A lot of other things can be used as a reagent. Some people use religious objects, holy water, different colors, essential oils, H’Oponopono, music, different frequencies, in fact, in the Kelly Rate Book, many of the rates also include frequencies that can be broadcast by certain radio instruments. etc. etc. The list is endless, as long as the reagent raises the General Vitality of what you want to raise or lowers the General Vitality of something negative that you don’t want, then it’s a reagent. There are some things that are neutral that neither raise nor lower General Vitality, they are of no use in radionics.