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Radionics in Agriculture

Radionics has been used successfully in agriculture since the 1950s. We have all learned a lot since then!  For the next few weeks, we will discuss more of how Radionics works, what works well with the art of radionics, and what does not work well. Radionics is the shamanic art and metaphysical science of local and distant manifestation. It uses intention programmed instruments and patterns to shield and protect and to amplify, store and elevate frequencies of Reiki, Homeopathy, Acupuncture of the animate and inanimate form. Also, radionics is an energy balancing technique. Our natural intuitive faculties discover imbalances.

First, let us get one thing straight, there are no magic tooRadionics! Second only a fool would broadcast a poison (more on that later).  And finally, remember that we are working with all-natural systems that all strive toward balance and stasis.

So just for now, let us start off with some of the fundamental concepts within radionics. Every weed, insect, and/disease in agriculture is a symptom of an issue. Correct the issue in the beginning and the symptoms are sure to go away on its own.  Weeds will typically grow to balance out soils. Insect infestations will usually appear when the crops themselves are already sick and dying.

As a rule of thumb (which means more of the time, but not always), insect pests avoid healthy crops.  Or as many biological farmers will say, insects are there to keep unhealthy plants from reproducing.

What we are talking about is balance. When the life in the soil is balanced, the minerals in the soil will be balanced as well.  When those two are balanced, weed and insect pressure are very reduced or even non-existent. Radionic treatment may enhance the healing process for almost any illness, injury, or psychological disorder.

Advantages of radionics

Radionic treatment may enhance the healing process for almost any illness, injury, or psychological disorder. Let us help you be the best and feel the best that you possibly can. The use of reagents can help you to balance your system and reactivate under-performing DNA. Be proactive. Balance yourself and your loved ones today. For any questions, you can contact us through email or call at (641) 622-1025.