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Instruments for Radionics

What is your instrument doing right now? Is it sitting over by the side waiting for the next project? Is it currently working? If it is not working right now, I suggest you are not using it to its full potential. I suggest it could be doing more and improving more lives. But to do that, we will need to step beyond the way we looked at radionics in past years. We will need to step beyond our basic radionic training.  To really put our instruments to work, we will need to use some imagination.

In the beginning classes we analyzed and balanced and re-analyzed. At some point we either achieved our intended result or got close enough to it we quit that project and moved to the next one. Many students, took their instruments home, say the time commitment needed for the analysis and set their instruments aside until they had more time.

Many Instruments Ended up in Storage.

It doesn’t have to be that way. There are ways to utilize many of the benefits of radionics without all the analysis.  Before I go further, I see analysis as important. I see analysis as a way to learn and grow and find the ultimate causes of issues. But if the alternative it to simply let the instrument gather dust, then let’s see what we can do in the meantime…

Somewhere in the beginning classes we teach that as far as pathogens go, ideally, they should be zero.  We also teach that balancing time on pathogens is not critical, simply because if you over-balance, it is still zero.

The basic animal analysis has an entire column of pathogens that can all be zero. There is no harm in setting a pathogenic rate and letting it run. One of the advantages of ‘over-balancing’ a pathogen is it tends to suppress the harmonics of the pathogen as well. So, once it is held at zero for an extended period, it tends to stay at zero.

Suppose you have found a pathogen that is endemic in your area. Perhaps it is Lyme’s. Now suppose you use your property map as the witness and leave ‘Lyme’s’ on the instrument overnight or longer.  The worst that could happen is nothing, but what is more likely is that frequency for Lyme’s will disappear from the property. That means, the ticks in the grass and the deer in the field have all benefited from the suppression of the Lyme’s frequency.

No Harm in Letting it Run 

Perhaps your water test revealed chemical contaminants in your well. What better way to keep your instrument employed than to suppress those contaminants? Take a picture of your well. I prefer standing over the well looking down into the shaft. Use that witness and let it run. Since water moves throughout the aquifer all the time, the water you are balancing today will not be the same water balance tomorrow. The longer you continue to broadcast the more water in the aquifer you are affecting. In the meantime, you have worked to reduce the contamination in your own water.

Besides suppressing pathogens there are several things we can broadcast without limit that are beneficial. These include love, forgiveness and compassion. Who and what around you doesn’t need more love, forgiveness or compassion? Check to see if it is appropriate. Check to see if it raises general vitality and if so you can keep your instrument working 24 hours/day 7 days a week.

Suppose you have a new project you intend to start after the weekend. Even when you don’t have time to analyze everything before Monday, what is the harm in a Ho’Oponopono broadcast in the meantime? Can your subject ever have too much love or forgiveness?

You Benefit in the End

The point is, you already have an instrument, it does no good just sitting on the desk, you may as well put it work. Even if all you did was work on congestion 55-100 or inflammation 40-100. Balancing these over a long period of time will NOT unravel the ultimate cause, but it will certainly relieve the symptoms in the meantime.

Now for all of you that want to get excited about some huge community service project, let me tell you this. I have over a dozen instruments working 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Many are dedicated to clients, the others I have working on my family, my pets, my farm and my self. I do NOT have enough excess capacity to take on ‘save the world’ projects. That is because I have come to understand you can only save yourself. Your high consciousness level will do more good for more people than anything you could possibly do elsewhere. So before you take on that project, ask yourself if you are optimally balanced yet……

Keep smiling and dialing!  Marty

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