Everything is changing

Our world is changing must faster than anyone of us realize.  When Hawkins wrote about Level of Consciousness, he spoke about 600 being rare and 1000 being of the Avatar level.  That simply isn’t true any more.

By working with a talented energy worker in Chicago, I have seen the LOC of many things climb above 600 on a routine basis and several climb above the 1000 threshold.  My Avatar reagent is one of those.

My intention with Avatar was to bring in a ‘subtle energy assistant’.. What I tapped into, is the energy of the Angel of Manifestation as she works through the Higher Self.  I have not released Avatar yet, simply because it must be worked with very carefully and consciously, so it doesn’t manifest every thought that crosses the mind.

But what Avatar has done for me is help me upgrade my tools so that many of them have LOC’s higher than 1000.  That means they make major and long-lasting changes much faster than ever before.  That includes many of the reagents you currently have from me.  Ho’Oponopono is running at 850.  Somasol II is running at about 1050.  Longevity Elixir is 1312.  Mirror of Life is 1355.

Simply having these reagents in your vicinity raises your own Level of Consciousness and as your LOC rises so do your abilities because more and more of your DNA is activating.  That means you will naturally be able to do more and your manifestation delay will continue to decrease.

So, even without Avatar, you are manifesting what you are thinking about much more quickly than ever before.

That is all well and good, but this added energy means that we must change the way we do things.  Many of the things we used to do, simply won’t work any more.  Even more striking, is that many of our healing tools will no longer work for us and will actually pull us down.

I am seeing this across the board with my clients and friends.  Most of the healing tools on the market are designed to help people get to a certain stable level of energy.  After you surpass that level, the tool not only can hold you back, but pull you back as well.

That does not mean the tool is not a good one.  It simply is no longer good for you.   So, you have to check, every tool every time.  I have several healing devices in my lab, I can no longer use for me or my clients.  (they sill work well for many chemically poisoned fields and soils)

That also means, I will not use my latest tools for livestock.  NOT because the tools won’t heal them,  But because raising the consciousness of an animal that is destined for slaughter is vile.

At a recent expo near the East Coast, I was struck by several things.  First, many of the exhibitors were showing the same things we saw 20 years ago.  There were mono-atomic minerals, there were ionic foot detox’es and many of the same old technologies that had been around forever.

The second thing that struck me, was that what we routinely use in our work, is ground breaking-brand new there.  Many of the things we do as a matter of course, simple are not possible without our tools.  Further, it is the tools we have developed in the last 5 years.

I showed some Reiki Masters how to potentize their favorite frequencies into flashlight batteries. It was not something they had ever thought of…..

But what struck me as the most interesting was what happened to a couple of my associates.  I had worked with them the night before the event.  There were some minor healing issues, so I brought out my reagents dissolved the blockages.

The Body Basics set seemed to be the one making the most changes.

As is typical, we saw some long term discomfort go away, added tissue flexibility and general increase of well being.

The next day, we were offered an opportunity to try out a ‘new’ healing technology that poured scalar energy into the Chakras.  Having experienced, the Kelly Betar table and several of Brian Besco’s Ascension chambers, I figured this would be similar.

I was wrong.  This device was very focused on the physical.  So I felt no spiritual component at all.  Worse, when my colleagues were given a session, they lost all the progress we made the night before.  Pain returned as did the stiffness.

It took another session with my tools to get them back up to speed.

I assumed it was just something peculiar with that device, but then clients began reporting that when they tried different healing technologies, they too lost ground.

As a rule of thumb, always dowse it. Don’t assume.  I sometimes forget that basic rule.  In business if the new client does not have a level of consciousness at or above a certain level, I don’t accept them.  If a book does not have information that will raise my Level of Consciousness, I don’t read it.  Now I have to apply that same test to healing devices and modalities as well.

Again, it isn’t that these devices are not good.  It isn’t that these protocols don’t work.  But if they resonate at a lower frequency than you, they cannot help you. 

I own a Healy, but don’t use it.  I know a lot of people that use them and love them.

I also have a couple of automated radionics devices, but don’t use them either.  In fact, I have dozens of reagents, books, decks, and cards, that no longer resonate with me.

What that means, is if there is something you DO resonate with, then use it now, while it still works for you.  But expect to graduate from it to something else.  Nothing is permanent.  That also means if the same thing you used years ago is still working for you, you have not outgrown it yet.

If you haven’t outgrown it, does that mean you are not growing?  That is a question for you.  But if you are not growing now, then you are really missing out on what I believe the one of the major reasons we chose to be here at this time.

It is my belief we are here so we can experience this massive energy change.  Help others, sure. Learn more about ourselves, absolutely. But why would we choose all the drama unless there was an upside.  This energy shift is the upside.

Just in the last several months, I have worked with several energy workers that are pulling in new reagents, complete with the fractals and harmonics, directly from Divinity.  These reagents are fantastic.  I have brought in several that way myself.

I still use my 4 Super Tuners and other tuning stations.  They are not being wasted, but when I work to bring in a new reagent, a direct download from Divinity is faster, easier and better than anything I could do anyway.  In addition, when it comes from Divinity, you know it is for your (or someone’s) highest good.

On a recent conference call, one of the long time members started right off, saying she needed a better way to protect her energies.  The tools she had used, weren’t working any more.  Interestingly, less than a week before I brought in the Mirror of Life.

When she felt the energy, she said this is what she had been waiting for ever since her severe health issues of several years ago.  She asked at that time, why she had to stay.  Now she has what I built as a defensive tool that answers that question for her.

At a recent event, several of my colleagues and myself were attacked.  I used my Return to Sender, added a multiplier as well as an intention and the attacker has been suffering ever since.  While a part of my enjoyed that, I also understand that creating suffering, even when it is justified, and even when it is the attacker that is hurting himself, is not making the world a better place.

I wanted a defensive tool that not only protected but helped as well.  That is where the Mirror of Life came from.  It takes whatever is sent, converts it to love, multiplies it and returns it to sender.

Even the idea for such a reagent was far-fetched a year or so ago.  Now the tool is here, it is working and even better tools are coming along.  That is the energy we are in.  Expect miracles.  If you are connected the changes will not be so bad.  Expect your thoughts dreams and desires to manifest.  Expect the Universe to line up behind you and make things happen for you and through you.

That is our current reality.  No fear.  Just opportunity.