Empowering your work.

There is a common perception that following your Heart and Soul’s Desires is somehow selfish and immature. In reality, it is anything but that.  I would even go so far to say that the best way of helping others and all of humanity is to follow your Heart and Soul’s Desires.

I see your Soul’s Desire as the reason you are here.  It is the ‘what’ you are supposed to do in this incarnation.  Heart’s desire is how you are to do it.

When your Heart and Soul’s Desires are brought together you are where you are supposed to be, doing what you are supposed to do.  The Universe lines up behind you to support you.  Even your perspective changes, because the things you want, you want them because they support your life mission.

I know this sounds a little preachy.  In fact, I always wondered why Walter Russel spent so much time discussing spiritual matters when his work was all about how our reality works.  It turns out that if we don’t understand the spiritual aspects, all we will ever have is a superficial understanding of the physical.

Even more profound is that when you are aligned with your Heart and Soul’s Desires, you are in your power.  The self-limiting belief structures dissolve.  Your confidence goes up and you become extraordinarily powerful.  There is no fear.  You are connected.

That alignment puts you squarely doing what you are supposed to be doing.  In religious terms you are doing God’s work and when you are doing God’s work you have His blessing and support.  A colleague and friend regularly talks with the Angels.  They have told her that there will be no further delays and that our Ascension will be allowed to play out. 

No further delays means, when you are doing God’s work you have the authority to clear blockages.  

Only a fool would interfere with a Light-worker during this period.  Not only is the Light-worker empowered by his alignment, but he also has the entire Legion of Heaven in support.  If you are not in alignment, you have to deal with obstacles.  But when you are aligned, you have the authority to do whatever it takes.

And to think, that simply aligning our deepest desires is what makes all of this possible.

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