Dr. Feelgood

Recently, one of my customers posted a nice review of a reagent I built several years ago. It had been a while since I worked with it, so it seems it is time to talk about Dr. Feelgood. When I looked it up on my website, I realized, I had not provided anything particularly useful about it. There is a blurb about using it to feel good and a couple of unrelated paragraphs about meditation that my IT people added so that there was at least some type of description on my website. Perhaps telling the story of Dr. Feelgood will be useful for you when you look to build your own frequency packages. Several years ago, I had a client that was having some emotional issues including depression. An analysis showed there were some emotional, physical and even spiritual roots to the issue, but they were taking their own time to resolve as I worked through my balancing and reagents. What I needed was a reagent to help the client feelgood. My intent was to build a frequency package to do just that. I did not try to elucidate what all needed to happen for the client to feel better. I didn’t over think the issue or add constraints to it, but simply wanted a reagent to help this client feel better. So I cold-scanned the rate for that intent and called it “Dr. Feelgood”. Then I added the fractal layers to it. This was before I learned about adding the Perfect 5th, so when I update “Dr. Feelgood” I will include it. Dr. Feelgood does not seem to have any particular focus on health or wellness EXCEPT helping the target to feel better. It doesn’t seem to work to specifically dissolve or resolve issues. It just helps you to feel better. In essence, Dr. Feelgood is simply a download from the morphogenic information field. Ask and you shall receive. In this case, I simply asked. There is no particular genius in simply asking. You don’t need any particular training or expertise. All you need is to ask. Sadly, that is where most of us are lacking. Our culture teaches us NOT to ask. We are taught to figure things out. We are taught to do it on our own. So even the best of us, still have these cultural blockages that keep us from asking as much as we could. I ask more than some, but less than other. I am learning to let go and ask more. As I have often said. Ask the wrong question and you get the wrong answer. Don’t ask and you get no answer at all. The best dowser asks the best questions. But that is simply because he also asks the most questions. It seems the entire Universe is designed to respond to our intentions, conscious and subconscious. When we intend, the Universe responds by manifesting. But that process starts with focus. More often than not, that focus starts with asking questions. That is how I got Dr. Feelgood and most of the rest of my reagents as well. I simply asked. So when you are feeling down, or a client is feeling down, we can do a lot of work to find out why and resolve the causes. But in the meantime, sometimes we need a little break. Sometimes, we just need to feel good. Sometimes, the planets align and we don’t feel good, or the weather gets oppressive, or the daily minutiae gets to be too much. That is when I pull out Dr. Feelgood. It is not a life saving, health changing miracle, but sometimes that isn’t what you really need anyway. That is Dr. Feelgood. You can order it from my website at radionics.us. For the next month I have it on sale for $99 with free shipping here in the US.