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Using Somatids

Using Somatids
One of my biggest weaknesses in teaching newer radionic operators, is I tend to skip over the foundational lessons and go right to the ‘good stuff’.  But as you are starting out, you need the basics.  You have to be able to play the notes before you can play Beethoven.  In fact, while you are learning the instrument, following allopathic protocols is probably the best way to proceed.

You analyze and balance on the individual items you have found and note the results.  This is the type of detail work that builds the confidence you need to trust your results.  It also gives the experience to be able to see trends and in time find causes quicker.

I never discount the value of detailed analysis and balancing.  It works, it is necessary and is probably the best way for a beginner to hone their skills.  But at this point in your practice, you have started to realize that detailed analysis and hour upon hour of balancing has its limitations. You have found that you can spend 24/hours/day working on a project, do that for days on end and never see the light at the end of the tunnel.

End the Frustration

At this point, many new radionic operators start to feel the frustration of the detail work, and their instrument goes into the closet….

That absolutely described my frustration, but instead of stopping, I began searching for that ultimate cause of disease and dysfunction.  I wanted to know WHY an organism contracted diseases and I wanted to why their immune systems didn’t overcome those challenges.

I looked at hydration and detoxification and nutrition.  These approaches work very well for many cases, but not all.  Something I was missing. I knew that it was neither happenstance nor bad luck, there was a cause to every issue and all I needed to do was find that cause.


About that time I discovered the research about bio-photons (life-light).  Living cells communicate with each other with light.  This research led me to believe I had found the ultimate cause….  Little did I realize this was just the first step.

Further study led me to the work for Gaston Nasseans.  Doctor Nasseans developed an amazing light microscope that allowed him to see into living cells.  Standard electron microscopy fry cells, but with this new microscope Nasseans was able to see what is happening in cells while they are still alive.

He discovered Somatids.  These are polymorphic life forms found in everything that is alive or has ever been alive.  They are neither produced by the cell nor destroyed but they change from one form to another depending upon the stress in the cells.

The stress in the cell is measured by the bio-photons.  A highly stressed cell has few biophotons.  Cells with little stress have more bio-photons, and cells with even less stress have the most biophotons. 

The action agents of the bio-photons are Somatids.  As the quantity of bio-photons changes, the Somatids change into different forms.  Nasseans watched as these polymorphs changed from bacteria to viruses to fungi and back.  He found that polymorphic Somatids have over 17 different forms.

Thanks to Kelly Research we have the rates for Somatids.

So you can imagine my excitement as I studied this research and found the link between biophotons, Somatids and disease.  I thought I had found the ultimate cause behind the cause! 

A Key to Disease

Here is the proof that disease does not need to come from just outside the organism. When an organism is stressed it can produce its own diseases! 

Nasseans’ work showed me WHY microwaved food is unhealthy. It isn’t just that the enzymes are destroyed, it is the simple fact that microwaves drive out the bio-photons, so the Somatids then change into the destructive forms.

Microwaved foods deplete your bio-photons, stress your cells and change your Somatids into the less healthy forms.  Microwaved foods create disease at the cellular level.

Now I had the reason WHY confinement meat is unhealthy!  It isn’t just the low nutrition levels. It isn’t just the toxins that are in the meat, or the residual hormones or the any of the rest.  Yes, it is all of that, but even more important, the cells are stressed at the time the animal is killed, so the Somatids in the meat are stressed as well.  Confinement meat is NATURALLY unhealthy!

When an animal is stressed at the time of death, so are its’ cells.  So as the animals are herded into the chutes for slaughter, they can smell the blood.  They feel the fear from all of the other animals around them.  That leaves stress in their meat.  So even if the animal was healthy when it was loaded onto the truck, the meat from that animal is stressed.

The same goes for any chemically laden over-processed food.  Bio-photons in the food are depleted due to handling and toxins, so the Somatids are in their self-destructive forms.  It follows that irradiated food is also destructive.

Restoring Your Food

When you pray over your food, you are not simply adding happy thoughts; you are adding biophotons with your thoughts and intentions.  Those biophotons relieve the stresses and change the Somatids onto more healthy forms.

When the food enters the body, whatever forms of Somatids in the food are the ones that are now in the body.  They will either absorb biophotons from surrounding tissue and change into healthy forms, or they will create disease.

Maybe the huge increase in colon cancer can be traced back to biophoton deficient food passing through the digestive system, collecting in the colon and creating disease there.

Now let’s suppose the organism consuming this biophotonic deficient food does not have an excess of biophotons to start with.  Is why we get tired when we eat low quality foods?  Maybe that is why we are seeing all sorts of other chronic diseases that seem to have reached epidemic levels these last few years.

Saying Grace

Our ancestors placed high importance on praying over the food.  Ancient cultures made a point of thanking the animals for their sacrifice.  Maybe it was more than simple respect for other living things; maybe it was because adding those biophotons made the food healthier….

My quest to find the ultimate cause brought me to biophotons and Somatids. I tried to simply balance on biophotons themselves but had negligible results.  Perhaps with more complete rates that include the fractal layers and harmonics, I can do better today.  But for now, I found that adding light worked better than trying to balance it. 

Sun-gazing and even just enjoying the sun is often enough to raise the level of biophotons in the organism.  More sunshine means more biophotons, means less stress in the Somatids, means less disease being produced in the cells.

Test and Verify

Praying over your food with focused intent also raises the levels of healthy biophotons.  Conduct an experiment to analyze a snack for biophotons and Somatids.  Microwave it and analyze it again, then pray over the food with the palms of your hands on either side.  Ask that the food be made healthy for you. Now, analyze it a third time.

Note the changes.  Watch what happens when you microwave your food.  See what happens when you pray over it.  Perhaps in another experiment you may wish to analyze your snack for biophotons and Somatids, pray over it and note the difference. How much better is the snack when you pray over it but DON’T microwave it?

We are not talking magic or mystery here.  Microwaves drive out a certain percentage of biophotons. Your prayer adds some back in.  The better you are able to pray the more biophotons you are able to add. 

Experiment and KNOW

If you don’t analyze, you don’t know.  Until you actually DO the experiment you are taking my word on faith.  There is a big difference between knowing about and knowing.  Do the experiment so that you KNOW.  You will only have to do it once or twice and then you KNOW.  Once you KNOW you can build on that knowledge.

Now we understand that biophotons are the trigger, and Somatids are the action agents.  Can we balance on the Somatids and change them into the more healthy forms? Yes!  Can we slow down and stop the cells from producing their own diseases? Yes!

Will they change back if we don’t correct the issues with the biophotons? Yes again!  But there are times when it is imperative to stop the progression of disease just so you have enough time to correct the underlying problem. In addition, Somatids are a wonderful way to evaluate not just the current health of an organism, tissue or organ but also what direction that health is heading.


Suppose someone has a prostate issue.  If the Somatids in the prostate are stressed, you know that those tissues are producing disease.  You know the biophotons are deficient and you can start looking to see why. Is it a toxin or circulatory or emotional issue?  It may not make any difference if the disease isn’t properly managed. So first we balance the Somatids and stop further disease production.


Of the more than 16 rates for Somatids, the first 4 are the ones you will probably use the most.  1-3 are life affirming, 4-16 are the destructive or recycling Somatids.  In my experience, if Somatid 4 is anything but zero there will be other disease creating Somatids further down the list.

If Somatid 3 is slightly higher than Somatid 2 and 2 is slightly higher than 1, the organism (or tissue) is healing. When they are roughly equal the organism is stable and if 1 is highest the organism is getting sicker. Somatid 1 should be almost equal to General Vitality.

Radionic Rates

What about the rates?  LOOK them up.  Go to the Kelly Rate book and look up the rates for Somatids.  If you don’t already have the electronic rate book, it will be a little more of a challenge, but Ed Kelly ( his rate books on line for download.  You will use these rates often and need to be able to find them. To get you started here is Biophoton (57.6-61.9)

Bio-Photon Reagent

The Bio-Photon Suite reagent is $299. It includes fractal layers above and below the physical.  This makes it much more effective than the base rate. I have seen where using this reagent can quickly relieve the stressed Somatids and move them back into more healthy forms. When you wear the reagent as a pendant it can help keep your biophotons higher.  If you have issues with lack of sunlight in the winter, Bio-Photon Suite may help you with those challenges.

Maybe you have been exposed to microwaved food and need more biophotons. Perhaps you were exposed to other radiation, medical, cell phone, smart meter or radar. In any case, you must replace those lost biophotons.  Using Bio-Photon Suite may be a way for you do just that.

In the coming weeks I expect to be upgrading Bio-Photon Suite by adding additional harmonics to it.  The new reagent Bio-Photon (hs) will be even more powerful and effective.


Somatids and Biophotons are not the be-all and end-all of the cause behind the cause, but they are closer than the physical symptoms that many radionic operators choose to deal with.  Used properly they can absolutely change the way you practice and help you deliver more consistent results.  As a side benefit, when you are working with Somatids and biophotons you are not working in the medical arena, you are not practicing medicine in any way shape or form.  In fact, this is a great first step leading you to holistic radionics and away from allopathic approaches.

So keep smiling and dialing. Do the experiments so you KNOW what works and practice, practice, practice.